The Ten Best Magazine Covers of 2015

The ASME have chosen the ten best magazine covers of 2015, and singled out The New Yorker as their Cover of the Year. The magazine’s ‘Broken Arch’ illustration, by Bob Staake, shows a split Gateway Arch and beat out every other cover in the country for the title.

New Yorker Cover

Across other categories – the awards span everything from ‘Brainiest’ to ‘Most Delicious’ – the ASME recognized celebrity photography, food styling and photo manipulation. The New York Times Magazine showed Lena Dunham as an ancient Greek bust, while Bloomberg Businessweek created an overweight Coke bottle to play on the brand’s “fat problem.”

Eight of the ten winners are available on Next Issue now and, because we offer access to their back catalogues, users can find and download the winning issues. Not yet a subscriber? Sign up for your free trial here, and check out our winners gallery below (* indicates available in Next Issue).

Science and Nature: New York*, Health (June 9-15, 2014)

Sports and Adventure: ESPN The Magazine*, Derek Jeter (October 13, 2014)

Lifestyle: Men’s Health*, The Ultimate Men's Health Guy (November 2014)

Fashion and Beauty: Harper’s Bazaar*, Lady Gaga (March 2014)

Most Delicious: Bon Appétit*, Sour Cherry Pie (June 2014)

Entertainment and Celebrity: The New York Times Magazine, The Culture Issue (September 14, 2014)

Family and Home: FamilyFun*, Road Trip (August 2014)

Business and Technology: The Atlantic, Why Kids Sext (November 2014)

Brainiest: Bloomberg Businessweek*, Coke Finally Admits It Has a Fat Problem - And a Plan to Fix It (August 4-10, 2014)

News and Politics, and Cover of the Year: The New Yorker*, Broken Arch (December 8, 2014)

Transgender model and Ultimate Guy contender make waves in Vogue and Men’s Health

From Bruce Jenner’s hugely-anticipated interview with Diane Sawyer to Cosmo’s recent feature on Chelsea Manning, America is talking about gender in a whole new way—and two Next Issue titles are playing a huge part in the conversation.

aydian 2
via Facebook

Men’s Health is hosting the annual Ultimate Guy Search, and 27-year-old Aydian Dowling has a strong chance of being the first transgender man to grace the cover. Dowling has been transitioning for 5 years, documenting the journey on his Youtube channel. He trains other transgender males on becoming healthy and fit (both physically and mentally) and leads several groups dedicated to the cause. But does he have what it takes to be the next Men’s Health Ultimate Guy?


Vogue is also breaking barriers with the May 2015 profile of Andreja Pejic—the first transgender model ever featured in Vogue. The fashion world has always been keen on shifting societal norms, and Vogue asked Pejic if she thinks we’ve finally reached the “transgender turning point.” Her response: “There are just more categories now. It’s good. We’re finally figuring out that gender and sexuality are more complicated.”

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TIME 100: Elon Musk on Kanye the boundary-breaker, Martha Stewart on Kim Kardashian

“Every time I crash the Internet, it’s like this little drop of truth.” – Kanye West, TIME 100 Titan

Look out for the annual TIME 100 in your Next Issue app Friday, April 17th.

Every year since 1999, TIME editors have carefully vetted, deliberated on, and determined the 100 most influential names in the American world.

Our favorite part? Each artist, leader, icon, pioneer, and titan receives a special dedication from another influential powerhouse, making for some rather unique commentary.

This year, you’ll find Jack Nicholson’s write-up on friend and comedic king Lorne Michaels, Rand Paul on the Koch brothers, Martha Stewart on Kim Kardashian, and Elon Musk on Kanye West to name a few.

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Search for iOS: A whole new way to find exactly what you’re looking for

We’re excited to announce Search and Top Stories, two iOS updates that make it easier than ever to find the stories you want right when you want them. 


With over 145 titles, including back issues, your Next Issue app is a giant treasure trove of knowledge and entertainment. But that doesn’t mean it should be hard to discover a whole bundle of stories on a specific topic.

That’s where Search comes in. With the power of keyword recognition across the entire Next Issue catalog, stories on everything from recipes to travel destinations are no more than a tap away.

Just install the latest update from the App Store℠, tap the magnifying glass in the upper right corner, and try a couple searches to kick things off…

1) Start broad by exploring your interests, then add a filter for specific titles to search through


2) Keep up with the news by sorting for the Newest stories, or discover the top articles throughout time by sorting for Best Match


3) Get inspiration for everything from holidays and events to tonight’s dinner


And that’s just the beginning. The more you search, the more we’ll refine our results to deliver exactly what you’re looking for.

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Update for iOS: Discover the Top Stories from your favorite titles

We’re excited to announce Search and Top Stories, two iOS updates making it easier than ever to find the stories you want right when you want them. 

top stories in favorites

With Top Stories—now included in your Favorites menu—we’ve made it super easy to access the biggest stories of the moment from the titles you love. Just head to Favorites, browse the Top Stories from your starred titles, and start reading with just one tap.

And if you’re feeling adventurous? Dive into the different categories to find Top stories in everything from Automotive to #WeekendReads (yep, the same stories hand-selected by the Next Issue team that hit your inbox every Saturday).

Check out the video for a preview, then install the latest App Store℠ update and try it out for yourself. Happy Reading!

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NEW title: House & Home helps you create the home of your dreams

Bringing you furniture, fabrics, fashion designers, and so much more. 


And that’s just one issue of House & Home—the newest title to join Next Issue. House & Home is known for taking readers inside the most beautiful and unique homes, and for imparting expert design, decorating, and DIY tips along the way.

Ready for some home makeover inspiration? Open up the April issue—available in your Next Issue app now—and explore the fashion-to-interiors crossover of designers like Ralph Lauren, Kate Spade, Calvin Klein, and more.

Here’s a sneak peak at the House & Home of the month: Fashion designer Rebecca Taylor’s charming Brooklyn brownstone.

House & Home April 2015
Photo: Ashley Capp

And another sneak peak at Joe Fresh president Mario Grauso’s hotel-inspired condo in Toronto.

House & Home April 2015
Photo: Ashley Capp

See the full features—along with DIY projects, ceviche recipes, and more—in the April issue of House & Home, and look out for the May issue coming this weekend! 

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Bill Gates tops Forbes richest people for 16th year, Michael Jordan joins billionaire ranks

Netflix and Rockstar CEOs. Uber and Airbnb founders. Oh yeah, and Michael Jordan. Welcome to the billionaires club!

Then there are the seasoned vets.

1. Bill Gates ($79.4 billion): Being the richest person on the planet is nothing new for Gates—he’s snagged the title 16 of of the past 21 years. Source of wealth: Microsoft, self-made.

2. Carlos Slim Helu ($73.8 billion)Source of wealth: The Mexican telecom market, specifically América Móvil.

3. Warren Buffett ($71.5 billion): Source of wealth: Berkshire Hathaway, self-made.

4. Amancio Ortega ($65.1 billion): Source of wealth: Zara, self-made.

5. Larry Ellison ($54 billion): Source of wealth: Oracle, self-made.

And that’s just the beginning. The official “29th Annual Almanac of Wealth” (also known as the Forbes March 23rd issue) will be available in your Next Issue app Monday, March 9th.


In it, you’ll find the list of the top 50 richest people in the world, breakdowns by region and by source of wealth, and profiles of some of the most notable billionaires, from Minecraft founder Markus Persson to the man blamed for Iceland’s economic meltdown.

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1923 issue of TIME magazine urges, “get vaccinated or stay home”

One of America’s oldest and most widely-circulated publications celebrates its 92nd anniversary. 


In honor of TIME’s 92nd anniversary, the full March 3, 1923 issue is available online. Since we realize you might be pressed for time, (see what we did there?) we’ve compiled some startling similarities—and some shocking differences—between 1923 and now.

First, 90 years of history in iconic TIME covers, in just 120 seconds.

Issue Price

  • 1923: 15 cents
  • Now: $14.99 a month for a Next Issue Premium subscription. Divide that by 145 titles. Looks like we’ve got the 1923 price beat by about 5 cents an issue.


  • 1923: The Chilean government advised the American Commission of Senators and Diplomats attending the Pan-American Conference in Santiago to “get vaccinated or stay home.”
  • February 16, 2015 issue: Measles was eliminated in the U.S. in 2000, but 2014 saw 23 outbreaks, largely due to a rising rank of parents who don’t believe in vaccinating their children.
National Affairs
  • 1923: Cover man Joseph Gurney Cannon retired at 86 after serving 23 terms in the House of Representatives. Minimum wage law was just being proposed. Divorce was not yet legalized in all states. And women were petitioning for control over prohibition enforcement, stating that “[women] are more prejudiced in favor of prohibition than men.”
  • February 23, 2015 issue: Hilary Clinton and Jeb Bush made plans for their respective 2016 presidential campaigns. Alabama judges fought the Supreme Court to uphold the state ban on same-sex marriage. And yet another cop went on trial for the shooting of an unarmed black man in NYC.
The Arts
  • 1923: Charlie Chaplin’s “The Pilgrim” hit theaters, while James Joyce’s Ulysses was met with the reaction, “It appeared that Mr. Joyce had taken some half million assorted words…shaken them up in a colossal hat, and laid them end to end.”
  • February 23, 2015 issue: “Birdman” won out for Best Picture at the Oscars, Saturday Night Live celebrated its 40th anniversary, and Kristen Wiig danced during Sia’s performance of “Chandelier” at the Grammys.

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(VOTE) Which ‘The New Yorker 90th Anniversary’ cover does it best?

With the February 23, 2015 issue, The New Yorker celebrated its 90th year in publication. Next Issue Readers voted for their favorite among nine anniversary covers, and Carter Goodrich’s modernized take on Eustace Tilley came out on top.

Learn a bit more about iconic cover character Eustace Tilley below, then check out all of the creative 90th Anniversary covers.

The original (1925)

Readers’ favorite 90th anniversary cover (2015)

carter goodrich the new yorker

It all started with the February 21, 1925 cover, created by art editor Rea Irvin for The New Yorker’s first issue. Based on a historical sketch of the Count D’Orsay, this “dandy” peering at a butterfly through a monocle soon came to be regarded as The New Yorker‘s official mascot.

Within the first year of publication, the character was granted the name Eustace Tilley, and he soon began appearing in “The Making of a Magazine” series in every issue. Ever since, Eustace Tilley has appeared on the cover of the anniversary issue every year—often in Rea Irvin’s original design.

But there’s nothing traditional about this year. In honor of nine excellent decades, The New Yorker turned to nine artists—some frequent cover-creators, some total newcomers—to give Tilley a modern facelift.

This poll is now closed…but feel free to vote for your favorite just for fun.  

February 18, 2015

2015 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue—too much skin?

Sports Illustrated officially revealed the cover for the 2015 Swimsuit Issue, and it was met with a healthy mingling of excitement and controversy. You can see the full issue in your Next Issue app on Tuesday, February 10th. 


It all started with the first Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue (circa 1964), featuring Babette March on a Caribbean beach. The rest is history. Each year, readers and spectators eagerly wait for February to roll around, just to see which bikini-clad babe will grace the cover.

This year, that babe is 24-year-old Hannah Davis.

Some feel the new cover is even more risqué than those of the past. 68% of people polled by Us Weekly voted the cover more porn-worthy than hot, while one People Senior Writer worries we’re becoming desensitized.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit reaction

But despite some of the negative attention, no one was more shocked (and overjoyed) than Hannah Davis herself. Sports Illustrated pulled off a flawless prank to deliver Hannah the big news.

We can’t wait to see the full swimsuit spread, available in Next Issue Tuesday, February 10th.

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