#WeekendReads | Vogue’s First Transgender Model | Florida’s Sex-Offender Haven | Up Your Grill Game | 5-Year-Old Hikes Appalachian Trail | Flat Belly Fitness Tips


Guest-Curator-ben-eisendrathThis week, Grillworks President Ben Eisendrath gets us ready for a “dude, you killed it” BBQ season. He put our new Search feature to work to find four stories on his chef friends and grilling inspirations. 

After that, go on an adventure with stories about the secret lives of wilderness guides, family camping fun, and fitness tips that take you outdoors. 

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Next Issue Picks

The New World


Vogue features its first transgender model. With gender fluidity dominating the runways and inspiring political debate, Alice Gregory meets transgender model Andreja Pejic and asks, “Have we reached a turning point?”

Sex-Offender Haven: Welcome to Pariahville


When you’re a registered sex offender in America, you lose the right to choose where you want to live. By law. The nature of your crime doesn’t matter. Nor does your excuse. Only a few places will welcome you—like this place in South Florida.

Kindergarten Can Wait


When five-year-old Christian Thomas set out with his family to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail, some skeptics said he couldn’t—and shouldn’t. But like a lot of kids, he wasn’t listening.

The Last Case of Alzheimer's


Helene DeCoste’s mother lost her mind to Alzheimer’s. Her older sister was next. She herself may now have signs of the disease, yet even as she shrugs off her seemingly inevitable fate, scientists down the road are testing an astonishing new drug.

Reader PIck's: My Favorite Grilling Pros

Profile: The Chef Who Ate His Way to Health

Men's Journal

Rheumatoid arthritis hit Seamus Mullen hard at 37, flattening him right when his culinary star was first rising. (One of his worst attacks was during a filming of Iron Chef). He stepped back, rethought his lifestyle, tinkered with his diet until he found what made him feel good again, then staged a comeback that is still going strong.

A Meal to Remember


Francis Mallmann is the standard-bearer for South American open fire cooking. I say cooking because he elevates the performance far past the realm of a back yard session to a place much closer to fire poetry. He likes to utilize whatever the setting has to offer, be it farm iron for planchas or wheelbarrows for fire pits.

10 Ideas: Cook With the Whole Farm


Dan Barber is force of nature in sustainable high cuisine. He recently unveiled his vision for the future of dining with his new book, The Third Plate. Though the art of cooking is not always perfectly “sustainable,” we must try to make changes, and they don’t have to be sacrifices. This article is just a taste of his philosophy, complete with a grilled parsnip steak.

Rising Stars of the Grill

Food & Wine

Lucky for us there is a whole new generation of grill stars coming up, and they’re showing great live-fire techniques at their restaurants. The places in this article all feature open kitchens. Show and tell. Dinner and a show. However you want to look at it, you can learn something to apply to your grill dinners at home.

Outdoor Adventure Inspiration

The Secret Life of Guides

Outside Magazine

Sure, the men and women who take us skiing, fishing, rafting, and climbing get to work in beautiful country. But they also have to deal with 16-hour days, dirty diapers, beach sex, rogue clients, hangovers, low pay, bear encounters, and love affairs that aren’t always a good idea. Just ask them.

Camp Sunset

May 2015

Among Northern California’s redwoods, two regular families (and really good sports) joined Sunset editors to become world-class campers. The tricks they learned will make your own next camping trip the best one ever.

Great New Stuff: Adventure Edition

Popular Mechanics

In this issue dedicated to adventure, you’ll find a guide to heart-pounding fun in all fifty states. And this roundup of the things you need in your life, from a handy multitool to a slim travel charger. Now get outside and use them.

Forces of Nature

Women's Health

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of adventure travel. Here, 50 fresh fitness excursions that boast incredible souvenirs: a tighter bod, a lighter mind, and bucketfuls of Zen. Go ahead—dive right in.

Be Well

Flat Belly? Yes, Please!


Two-piece. Crop top. Cutouts. Bring it! You want to look amazing and feel confident in anything this season. Get tight, trim abs with this strategy backed by science.

The 2015 Fitness Awards

Men's Health

From the most innovative trainers and gyms to the best gear and tech, Men’s Health has outlined everything you need to make this year your strongest yet.

Refresh Your Life

Every Day With Rachael Ray

Good cooks know that a simple sprinkle of fresh herbs can turn a ho-hum recipe into hot damn. The same is true in life: Tiny tweaks make a big difference. Here, 51 upgrades that don’t require much time or money, but will improve your life in meaningful ways.

The Happy Family Playbook


What would bring true happiness to your household? A vacation home on a faraway beach? A new minivan free of pretzel crumbs? Lasting family happiness isn’t about momentous events or acquiring more things. It’s about learning to savor life’s small pleasures…together.

Hello Beautiful

Beauty Breakthrough Awards

Good Housekeeping

Prettier! Faster! Easier! 39 game-changing innovations, all vetted by the GHI Beauty Lab, that will take your look to next-level gorgeous. Plus, five bonus videos.

75 All-Time Best Hair, Skin & Makeup Tricks


Your perfect anti-agers. The ultimate low-maintenance hairstyles. Makeup that gets you glowing. Plus, every other pretty thing you need.

Runway Trends Fall 2015: Looks We Love


After four cities, two continents, 65 shows, and hundreds of air kisses, here’s some exclusive, insider news on this fall’s need-to-know hair and makeup trends.

SELF Approved Beauty Awards


A beauty routine is like a workout: You want to see results! SELF tested the newest products to find ones that will exceed your goals, from detoxing to hydrating and brightening to protecting.

New Issues

Fast Company

Men's Fitness


Sustainable cuisine, open fire cooking & masters of the grill: Reader Picks from Grillworks President, Ben Eisendrath


Filming a Grillworks feature for Esquire with Greg Denton at OX, Portland—and capturing our fair share of outtakes.  

Ben Eisendrath designs and manufactures wood-fired grills for purists of the culinary community. His company, Grillworks, specializes in an Argentine approach to cooking, and in creating the most flexible, beautiful tools possible for the live fire master. Deemed “next-level machines” by the Wall Street Journal and “The Cult Favorite” among chefs by Bon Appétit, his pieces also won Esquire’s “Best Engine of Gastronomy” Good Food award and are favored by serious home grillers and a who’s who of professional chefs all over the world.

His father made the family’s first grills as a hobby. Ben’s taken that torch and lit some serious fires. See the Grillworks backstory in Popular Mechanics.

Ready to up your grill game this season? Ben has chosen key articles surrounding some of his favorite chefs and their contributions to the grilling world.

Guys With Grilling Game

Profile: The Chef Who Ate His Way to Health

Men's Journal

Seamus Mullen was an early partner of ours. At the time we met he’d just ended a hiatus from cooking brought on by Rheumatoid Arthritis, flattening him during filming of Iron Chef. He stepped back, rethought his lifestyle, tinkered with his diet until he found what made him feel good again, then staged a comeback that’s still going strong. His book, Hero Foods, is a must-read for those interested in food and wellness, or those who suffer from chronic disease.

A Meal to Remember


Francis Mallmann is the standard-bearer for South American open fire cooking. I say cooking instead of grilling because Mallmann elevates the performance far past the realm of a back yard session or a trip to a grill restaurant to a place much closer to fire poetry. He prefers to cook with as little between the flames and the food as possible, and to utilize whatever the setting has to offer—be it farm iron planchas or wheelbarrow fire pits. His books are love stories about his cooking experiences, and must-haves for any grill, outdoor, or travel fan.

The Ideas Issue: Cook with the Whole Farm


Dan Barber: TIME 100 member, White House advisor, James Beard award-winner, and force of nature in sustainable high cuisine. We worked closely with him in designing our first Infierno grill for his restaurant Blue Hill at Stone Barns. Dan recently unveiled his vision for the future of dining in his new book, The Third Plate. His writing, talks, and food shake the world, but most impressive to me is how pragmatic and honest he is. Achieving a high level in the art of fine dining is not always perfectly “sustainable”, but we MUST try to make changes where we can. This article is just a—forgive me—taste of Barber’s philosophy, complete with a grilled parsnip steak.

Rising Stars of the Grill

Food & Wine

Lucky for us, there’s a whole new generation of grill stars coming up, and they’re showing great live-fire techniques at their restaurants. The places in this article all feature open kitchens where you can see everything the chef does on the fire, making for the perfect dinner and a show. Best of all, you can learn some things that apply equally to your grill dinners at home.

The Grillworks Backstory

A Beautiful Thing

Popular Mechanics

Finally, a story about how a father’s hobby was reborn as a son’s driving passion—mine.

Transgender model and Ultimate Guy contender make waves in Vogue and Men’s Health

From Bruce Jenner’s hugely-anticipated interview with Diane Sawyer to Cosmo’s recent feature on Chelsea Manning, America is talking about gender in a whole new way—and two Next Issue titles are playing a huge part in the conversation.

aydian 2
via Facebook

Men’s Health is hosting the annual Ultimate Guy Search, and 27-year-old Aydian Dowling has a strong chance of being the first transgender man to grace the cover. Dowling has been transitioning for 5 years, documenting the journey on his Youtube channel. He trains other transgender males on becoming healthy and fit (both physically and mentally) and leads several groups dedicated to the cause. But does he have what it takes to be the next Men’s Health Ultimate Guy?


Vogue is also breaking barriers with the May 2015 profile of Andreja Pejic—the first transgender model ever featured in Vogue. The fashion world has always been keen on shifting societal norms, and Vogue asked Pejic if she thinks we’ve finally reached the “transgender turning point.” Her response: “There are just more categories now. It’s good. We’re finally figuring out that gender and sexuality are more complicated.”

Read the full article in Vogue or start your 30 day FREE trial.

NEW title: Ricardo brings families & friends together around the table

Read “Flavours of India” (Ricardo, Spring 2015), in your Next Issue app now. 

New title: Ricardo

Foodies, rejoice! We’re delighted to add Canadian cooking magazine Ricardo to the Next Issue lineup, bringing in delicious, easy-to-follow recipes sure to unite your family and friends around the kitchen table.

In the new Spring issue, Ricardo is kicking off the sunny season with something literally hot. Embrace exotic flavors from India, Thailand, and around the world. Learn all about chili peppers in the Food Lab. And make your own festive cake bars for an extra-sweet finish.

Drooling already? Get the recipes.

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#WeekendReads | NEW: Tap to Read | Chelsea Manning: No More Secrets | Summer Movie Preview: Avengers & More | Epic Cocaine Treasure Hunt | Generation Unmarried | Go Green for Earth Day

Exciting update: you can now tap WeekendReads stories from your tablet or smartphone to start reading. Just be sure you’ve updated the app.

With Earth Day around the corner, it’s the perfect time to highlight what a huge part Next Issue subscribers play in reducing waste. Just how many trees are we talking about? Check out the infographic, share with friends, then continue for even more stories on going green.

After that, read on for some Relationships 101—everything from dating (responsibly) at work to the growing trend of unmarried parenting. 

Happy Reading! 

Next Issue Picks

The Great Cocaine Treasure Hunt


If you knew where a million dollars’ worth of blow was buried, would you go dig it up? Rodney Hyden would. GQ starts this story from the beginning: When a man on a mission to preserve sea turtles in Puerto Rico discovered a plastic-wrapped bale in the froth of the tide.

Summer Movie Preview

Entertainment Weekly

At last, Hollywood gives us what we really want: Avengers, Dinos, and Channing Tatum naked. This summer is all about fun, and with Melissa McCarthy as a spy, Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara as frenemies, and Paul Rudd as Ant-Man, seems it’s going to be pitch-perfect, too.

Chelsea Manning: No More Secrets


As an Army private, she leaked thousands of classified documents, went to military prison, and then sued for the right to transition into a woman behind bars. Now, for the first time, Chelsea Manning is ready to share the details of her journey.

You Could Save A Life...Even Your Own


This year, nearly 10,000 Americans will die of melanoma. But you can avoid being a statistic. Health reveals lifesaving insights from skin cancer experts and women who learned firsthand just how important it is to keep your eyes on yourself and those you love.

Protecting Our Planet

Green Your Practice

Yoga Journal

Honor Mother Earth and find your new favorite yoga clothes, gear, and props. Everything here is manufactured with sustainable practices and materials you can feel good about.

Call of the Wild

Town & Country

An Italian aristocrat turned her back on a life of privilege for adventure—and ended up becoming one of Kenya’s great protectors. She fights for animals as if they were her children and nurtures the land as if she were Mother Earth herself.

It's Only Natural

Real Simple

The next time you have a sink to scrub or a window to wipe, just raid your cupboards. This collection of easy green cleaning recipes shows how everyday ingredients (salt, vinegar, vodka!) can make all your surfaces sparkle.

The Low-Impact (but Still Lush) Landscape

Consumer Reports

How to get a gorgeous, low-maintenance yard with less water and fewer chemicals—and, hooray, less work. Tips include “go native” and “see weeds differently.”

Love, Sex & Marriage

Generation Unmarried


Can you raise healthy kids if you’re not hitched? Here, stories of young parents committed to their kids, even if they avoid walking down the aisle.

Coming Now

Marie Claire

It feels amazing, makes you happier, and brings you closer to your partner. Yet people still don’t talk much about the female orgasm. Let’s change that…

Informer: Online Dating


Seems you can’t date these days without engaging in the mating ritual known as “swiping right.” With over 2,500 apps, services, and sites, here’s the info to get you off the app and in front of the right person as quickly as possible.

The Rules of Attraction


What if science took away the mate-finding guesswork? To find out, two eligible writers embark on the longest blind date in history. Three weeks, two dates, and extensive counseling later, they found out what it really means to be compatible.

Get Active!

How to Stink It Up Gracefully

Golf Digest

You won’t find this advice in any golf etiquette guide: 30 tips for having the most fun you can have playing golf. And the starter you greased won’t be offended, either.

At Your Service


Farm-to-table eats. Saunas. Craft beer on tap. And—oh yeah—trustworthy advice, pro-level service, and expert repairs. It’s all here in this compendium of 53 top shops.

Beginner's Special: "Can I Ask You Something?"

Runner's World

Yes, please do! It’s rare to find a runner that doesn’t want to talk about running. If you’ve got questions before you hit the road, these experts have all the answers.


Rodale's Organic Life

Walking isn’t just what we do, it’s who we are. The Swiss take 9,700 steps a day. The Japanese: 7,168. And Americans? Just 5,117. Here, 55 ways that walking can change your life.

Flavors of the World

195 Countries, 650 Recipes, 1 Cook

Food & Wine

Cook like a world traveler. Here, how blogger Sasha Martin traveled from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe in her Oklahoma kitchen.

Mexican Party: ¡Rapido, Rapido!

Cooking Light

Throw a party inspired by Mexican street food. It’s fun, vibrant cooking that’s ready in just 25 minutes. Plus, two-ingredient beer cocktails guaranteed to get the fiesta started.

Flavors of India


Indian food can be mysterious, revealing itself only in what appears to be complex restaurant dishes. Here, discover Indian cuisine that’s as accessible as it is flavorful.

Everybody (Still!) Loves Pasta

Weight Watchers

Celebrate longer, warmer days with easy-breezy, irresistible pastas. These one-dish winners feature the season’s bright flavors—homegrown herbs, sun-ripened vegetables, and fresh seafood. They’re so good you won’t mind turning on the stove.

New Issues

TIME 100: Elon Musk on Kanye the boundary-breaker, Martha Stewart on Kim Kardashian

“Every time I crash the Internet, it’s like this little drop of truth.” – Kanye West, TIME 100 Titan

Look out for the annual TIME 100 in your Next Issue app Friday, April 17th.

Every year since 1999, TIME editors have carefully vetted, deliberated on, and determined the 100 most influential names in the American world.

Our favorite part? Each artist, leader, icon, pioneer, and titan receives a special dedication from another influential powerhouse, making for some rather unique commentary.

This year, you’ll find Jack Nicholson’s write-up on friend and comedic king Lorne Michaels, Rand Paul on the Koch brothers, Martha Stewart on Kim Kardashian, and Elon Musk on Kanye West to name a few.

See who made the TIME 100 in Next Issue Friday, April 17th. Not yet a subscriber? Start your 30 day FREE trial.


[Video] Madonna surprise kisses Drake on-stage, says we still live in a sexist society

“I’m 56 years old, and people don’t think I have the right to continue to be successful, to be sexual, to have fun.” – Madonna in Cosmopolitan, May 2015

Madonna showed off plenty of success, sex appeal and fun when she surprised Drake with a Spiderman-reminiscent kiss at Coachella, leaving him spellbound on stage. M’s sneak-attack came right on the heels of an edgy new photoshoot and interview with Cosmopolitan for the magazine’s 50th anniversary.


Remember her majesty on Cosmo’s 25th anniversary cover? Barely see an age difference? Same here.

On sexism: “…No man ever gets criticized for his behavior because of his age. It’s only women. So for me, the fight has never ended.”

On feminism: “I think humanist is a better idea. I don’t like the idea of segregating. Human beings all need to be treated with dignity and honor and respect.”

On her “type”: “I’m attracted to people who are creative, but I don’t have a dating manifesto.”

On working with Kayne on the new album: “It’s a little bit of a bullfight, but we take turns.”

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#WeekendReads | Ray Rice’s Redemption Campaign | NEW Title: House & Home | UVA Rape Story: What Went Wrong? | Dawn of the Sexbots


Is it just us, or was this week extra busy?

We welcomed House & Home and rounded up four stories on beautiful, inspired living.

We introduced keyword Search and Top Stories in Favorites for iOS devices, making it easier than ever to find the stories you want right when you want them. (If you haven’t yet, install the latest update).

And finally, guest curator Neil Binkley, a designer and photography consultant, shared some stellar insights on photojournalism, cover design, and magazine advertising. 

Here’s to a weekend full of reading and relaxation. 

Happy Reading! 

Next Issue Picks

"Man, They Just Don't Know Who I Am"

New York Magazine

For six seasons, Ray Rice was among the best running backs in football. And then came that infamous video and probably the swiftest fall from grace for an American athlete since Michael Vick. Here, Rice’s redemption campaign.

Dawn of the Sexbots

Vanity Fair

Lifelike RealDolls have revolutionized the sex-toy industry, attracting a new class of customer and satisfying a growing range of desires. Now, a new challenge: How (or whether) to take the technological wizardry to the next level.

'A Rape on Campus': What Went Wrong?

Rolling Stone

First came the horrifyingly vivid report. Then came the other horrifying revelation that it had all been based on an unreliable source. Here, Columbia University’s analysis of a journalistic failure, conducted at Rolling Stone’s request.

City Living New and Improved


Communes, cohousing, and just plain close quarters. For many, it’s more about community and connectedness than thriftiness and sacrifice. Meet homeowners who are living (and loving) this urban trend.

Reader Picks: The Nonstop Photo Festival

Queen of the Court


Vogue consistently has some of the most classic fashion photography out there. It’s great that they continue to hire the inimitable Annie Leibovitz, who photographed tennis star Serena Williams for the cover story.

LightBox: The 5 Best Pictures of the Week


Testing Preparedness: This is a wild shot of an annual exercise between U.S. and South Korean forces to prepare for any problems with North Korea. Photo by Jung Yeon-Je.

Viewpoint: First Look

Architectural Digest

This stunning building under construction is LA’s new contemporary arts museum, simply called “Broad.” Those honeycomb-like holes are for “channeling indirect natural light to the interiors.” Photo by Iwan Baan.

Alpha: What's Inside Jell-O Dessert


I was flipping through WIRED and this shot caught my eye. Some rare mineral? Broken glass? No: Jell-O. Apparently it’s mostly made of cowhide and sugar. Eww. Photo by Adam Voorhes.

Home Sweet Home

Sitting Pretty

House & Home Magazine

Fashion designer Rebecca Taylor’s Brooklyn brownstone is as carefree and romantic as her feminine fashions. See how she brings her unique style home.

Secrets From an American Picker

Country Living

Mike Wolfe, co-host of the History channel’s American Pickers, shares his tricks for scoring good finds and working them into your decor.

Mr. & Mrs. Vintage

HGTV Magazine

Obsessed with mid-century-modern design, this couple found fresh ways to work it into every corner of their Arizona home. Nearly everything in the house is older than they are.

The Buddy System

ELLE Décor

When a lifelong collector begins to feel overwhelmed in his New York apartment, he turns to a long-lost high school friend to transform the space into an orderly world of wonders.

Tech Talk

The 2015 Invention Awards

Popular Science

Celebrate the 10 greatest inventions of the year, from needle-free vaccines to a flying car. These ingenious creations started out as scrappy ideas.

Game On!

PC Magazine

The future of gaming is more varied—and interesting—than just virtual reality. Diverse, forward-thinking hardware means 2015 could be an exciting, innovative year in gaming.

Master Keyboard Shortcuts


There are hundreds of keyboard shortcuts for just about anything you can do with a mouse. Smart key combos make for a faster, more efficient workflow. Here’s a list of favorites for Mac users.

The One Lens I Can't Live Without


Josh Miller considers the wide-angle zoom his “desert island” lens. Here, he gives us a lesson on how to use it to its full potential—gorgeous landscape photos!

In Good Health

This is What a Perfect Breakfast Looks Like...


Breakfast has a reputation as the most important meal of the day. Do questions of what, when, and why to eat it have you feeling scrambled? Here’s an end to the confusion so you can start every day sunny-side up.

21-Day Flat-Belly Plan


Finally, Yoga that builds lean muscle and makes the fat melt away. This just-right blend of sculpting and calorie-torching poses gives you the slim, defined physique you want and the strong, clear mind you need.

Operation Good Health

Canadian Health & Lifestyle

Do adults need vaccines? What kind of music boosts memory? Here’s the latest research and expert advice for improving your health, from your head and shoulders to your knees and toes.

America's Best, Freshest Supermarkets

Consumer Reports

Today, shoppers want high-quality fruits, vegetables, and store-made meals. Consumer Reports found the stores that provide them, and those that fail. See how your grocer stacks up.

Throw a Killer Party

Spring Flings

Cooking Light

Welcome the season with bright and fresh menus for casual entertaining. From a colorful brunch to family-style dinner, your party plans are covered.

Throw a #TBT Party

Every Day with Rachael Ray

Plan a potluck inspired by the Internet’s hottest hashtag, Throwback Thursday. Rach and her celeb chef friends show you how.

All Decked Out

Do It Yourself

Screen panels and a flagstone patio turn a basic backyard into an outdoor retreat perfect for hosting your next BBQ—with all the comforts and style found indoors.

The Pitmaster's Guide to Brisket

Southern Living

A step-by-step primer to making and serving the ultimate smoked brisket at your next backyard party.

Search for iOS: A whole new way to find exactly what you’re looking for

We’re excited to announce Search and Top Stories, two iOS updates that make it easier than ever to find the stories you want right when you want them. 


With over 145 titles, including back issues, your Next Issue app is a giant treasure trove of knowledge and entertainment. But that doesn’t mean it should be hard to discover a whole bundle of stories on a specific topic.

That’s where Search comes in. With the power of keyword recognition across the entire Next Issue catalog, stories on everything from recipes to travel destinations are no more than a tap away.

Just install the latest update from the App Store℠, tap the magnifying glass in the upper right corner, and try a couple searches to kick things off…

1) Start broad by exploring your interests, then add a filter for specific titles to search through


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3) Get inspiration for everything from holidays and events to tonight’s dinner


And that’s just the beginning. The more you search, the more we’ll refine our results to deliver exactly what you’re looking for.

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Update for iOS: Discover the Top Stories from your favorite titles

We’re excited to announce Search and Top Stories, two iOS updates making it easier than ever to find the stories you want right when you want them. 

top stories in favorites

With Top Stories—now included in your Favorites menu—we’ve made it super easy to access the biggest stories of the moment from the titles you love. Just head to Favorites, browse the Top Stories from your starred titles, and start reading with just one tap.

And if you’re feeling adventurous? Dive into the different categories to find Top stories in everything from Automotive to #WeekendReads (yep, the same stories hand-selected by the Next Issue team that hit your inbox every Saturday).

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