Weekend Reads: Celebs in Splitsville | Cosby: 35 Women Speak | “My Month of Hell in a Gay CrossFit Cult”

We’re happy to introduce OUT Magazine as the newest title in the Next Issue catalog. Get a taste for OUT’s trademark humor and frank reporting with Chadwick Moore’s “My Month of Hell.” 

The incredible journalism doesn’t stop there. Read New York Magazine’s history-making piece that brings acquaintance rape out of the shadows. Or Vogue’s tell-all on loving an international secret agent. And since great stories are even better when they’re interactive, check out our Better in Digital roundup. 

Happy Reading!

Staff Picks

The Spy Who Loved Me


At 26, Katherine Heiny fell in love with a British secret agent. And so began a marriage filled with sudden meetings, mysterious phone calls, and a thrilling complicity.

Cosby: The Thirty-Five Women

New York Magazine

One by one, they came forward with stories of being drugged and raped or assaulted by Bill Cosby, finding safety in their staggering number and a society finally ready to believe them.

My Month of Hell


Thirty days in a gay CrossFit cult documented: From the insider vocabulary and diet secrets to the sweaty highs and lows inside the gritty, bare-bones facility.

The Most Wired City in the World


In Barcelona, tech giants help the government save by tracking data on everything from garbage to traffic to selfies. But not everyone is happy about the new urban reality.

Better in Digital

Quiz: Play to Your Strengths

O, The Oprah Magazine

You have a lot to gain by discovering your unique gifts. These eight stimulating quizzes are designed to help you make the most of who you are. Bonus: There are no wrong answers!

Blood Will Tell


The most revealing diagnostic medical test may be a single drop of your own blood. Includes animated graphics and a scrollable history of blood breakthroughs.

Tired of Being Tired?


Of course you are. So for the love of God, sit up straight, put down that sixth cup of coffee, and listen up. Includes fatigue quiz and customizable sleep plan.

The 29 Worst Adam Sandler Movies


Is there any comedian alive responsible for more truly awful movies? Here’s the 29 worst, from the totally palatable to the possibly fatal. Tap to reveal common themes.

Stars in Splitsville

Scott's Desperate Spiral

Us Weekly

Disick’s bender of booze, drugs, and girls is the last straw for Kourtney Kardashian.

Ben & Jennifer: A New Chapter

HELLO! Canada

How the parents of three are moving forward as they end their 10-year marriage.

Blake & Miranda: Their Sad Split


The country stars announce the sudden end of their marriage, leaving fans wondering what went wrong.

Julia & Danny: Divorcing


After 13 years of marriage, Julia Roberts and Danny Moder are on the verge of calling it quits.

Get Active!

Train, Suffer, Conquer

Men's Health

Sign up for the toughest race you’ll ever love. With these expert training tips, you’ll probably even survive.

More Fun Than Just 13.1

Runner's World

Half marathons are more popular than ever. Know your goals, create your training plan, and eat for two (races).

The Swing of Things

Yoga Journal

Aerial yoga combines acrobatic arts and anti-gravity asana, but it’s also an accessible practice with big benefits.

Lunchtime Workout

Diabetic Living

Next time you have 10 extra minutes, try these moves to give you a boost of energy—with plenty of time left for lunch.

New Issues


Rolling Stone

NEW Title: Style, Pop Culture and Entertainment with OUT Magazine


Our newest title, OUT, pushes its readers to rethink what it means to be gay in 2015. Covering entertainment, the arts, fashion and pop culture, its reporters are equal parts frank and thought provoking.

Expect interviews and fashion editorials alongside full-length features, like these stories from the latest issue:

The Battle to Replicate the Body’s Most Complex Organ – Military money for plastic surgery and urology is funding innovations in genital reconstruction. But can that benefit transgender men?
The Illusionist – The story of an ACT UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) hero who fabricated almost every detail of his life
I Lost It At The Black Party – How a breakup, an open mind, and an infamous sex-charged party combined to change one man’s perspectives
My Month of Hell – Thirty days in a gay CrossFit cult
Globe Strutter – Choreographer Yanis Marshall, in heels and in demand
Adam and the Angst – Adam Lambert’s new album, The Original High, finds solid ground in uneasiness

Next Issue subscribers can access these stories, and all back issues as far as February 2015, now. If you’re not yet a subscriber, start your 30-day FREE trial now.

35 Revelations from 35 Women: Read New York Magazine‘s Cosby Cover Story


One by one, they came forward. Now, New York Magazine speaks to thirty-five of the forty-six women who have publicly accused Bill Cosby of rape or sexual assault.

The group counts supermodels Beverly Johnson and Janice Dickinson, waitresses, Playboy bunnies and journalists as members of its unwelcome sisterhood. Each spoke to the magazine individually, but, as the story notes, “the horror is multiplied by the sheer volume of seeing [these accounts] together, reading them together, considering their shared experience.”


Read the full story now in your Next Issue app. If you’re not yet a subscriber, start your 30-day free trial to access the story.

Weekend Reads | Behold: World’s Best Abs, Arms & Butt | Clinton & Bush: An Unlikely Team | Picks for Puppy-Lovers | 25 Fruit-tastic Summer Desserts

Weekend Reads is going to the dogs! Read about the Queen’s beloved corgis, new homes for the strays of Sochi, and the surprising health benefits of a canine companion. 

Then, check out some of the world’s most beautiful bodies on display in Self (featuring Karlie Kloss) and W Magazine (with pin-up shots of ten gorgeous models ). 

Happy Reading!

Staff Picks

Best Bodies in the World


For these six world-class athletes, peak performance comes with a big bonus: jaw-droppingly sculpted abs, arms, backs, glutes and legs. Now you can try their top moves for honing medal-winning form.

"Do You Know How Your Daughter Died?"

New York Magazine

It’s a family’s worst nightmare. When Gloria Huang was declared dead in a Qatar emergency room, her parents didn’t even have time to grieve before they were charged with murder.

World's Best Awards

Travel + Leisure

Travel + Leisure showcases the greatest islands, cities, hotels, cruise lines, airports, and more—as voted by readers. Discover the best place to buy fresh oysters in the #1 city in the world.

Game of Thrones


This exclusive interview brings together an unlikely pair: ex-Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Together, the political patriarchs discuss 2016 and the prospect of watching loved ones compete for their former job.

How Sweet It Is

Farm-Fresh Desserts

Vegetarian TImes

Score peak-of-ripeness fruit at the farmers’ market, then celebrate the sweetness of summer with treats made from in-season produce.

New Ways with Cantaloupe

Better Homes and Gardens

If you love cantaloupe, you’ll want to try it in these unexpected places: pasta salad, a club sandwich, and even a sweet and sour stir fry.

Fig Love

Cooking Light

Savor the honeyed sweetness of summer’s most alluring, elusive fruit. Here, figs six ways: baked, dressed, grilled, simmered, preserved, and pureed.

All About Peaches


Finally! It’s the season for summer’s sweetest, juiciest fruit. Get ‘em while you can. Bonus video reveals how to shop for, prep, and cook with peaches.

Who Let the Dogs Out

The Queen and Her Corgis: A Love Story

Vanity Fair

Queen Elizabeth II seems inseparable from her beloved corgis. And, as a few of their breeders talk for the first time, the importance of Her Majesty’s dogs becomes clear.

The Cute Cure

Dr. Oz The Good Life

Pets have heart-strengthening, blues-battling, body-slimming, and stress-calming super-powers. Find out more about the health benefits of creature comfort here.

Adventure Dogs

Living the Country Life

Everyone’s heard of hunting dogs. But what about kayaking dogs, flying dogs, backpacking dogs, ATV dogs, camping dogs, shed-hunting dogs, and biking dogs?

The Strays of Sochi

Sports Illustrated

Escaping severe treatment on the streets they called home, a few of Russia’s many lost dogs have found loving homes Stateside. Adorable bonus video brings the pups up close.

You've Just Gotta See 'Em

Out West


Scenes from the rugged coast of Western Australia, where an array of waves caters to both tube-hounds and aerialists alike.

DIY Sundaes

Food & Wine

Two adventurous pastry chefs and five nostalgic ice cream toppings bring you the perfect summer-gathering dessert bar.

Sweats & the City


Sweatpants are the new jeans, but not everyone is wearing them right. Comic Billy Eichner sets the record straight.

Privacy Settings

W Magazine

Ten of the world’s most beautiful—and followed—women show a pin-up side you won’t see on social media.

New Issues




Karlie Kloss Gets Acrobatic in Self’s Best Bodies Issue

Karlie Kloss is providing major fitspiration on the cover of Self’s Best Bodies issue, available now in your Next Issue app.


Inside the magazine she’s just as energetic, posing mid-hurdle and sharing her love of yoga, boxing, and SoulCycle. “The reason why I’ve had a career is because I can move,” the supermodel points out. “I feel like I’m perpetually in motion, which I love.” But the one workout that she just can’t win? “Surfing,” she admits. “I was really, really bad at it. I think I’m too tall!”


Strong, fit physiques dominate the whole issue, with Self featuring six athletes famed for a particular body part:

Best Legs: Pole vaulter Tori Peña
Best Arms: Volleyball players Rachael Adams & Christa Harmotto Dietzen
Best Butt: Olympic triathlete Helen Jenkins
Best Back: Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin
Best Abs: Fencer Nathalie Moellhausen

Alongside an awe-inspiring action shoot, they share their favorite moves for a toned body – complete with video.

Next Issue subscribers can access the Self Best Bodies issue now, with Karlie’s full interview and the athletes’ workout tips. If you’re not yet a subscriber, start your 30-day FREE trial now.

10 Brutally Honest Amy Schumer Quotes, from Glamour and GQ


Everyone’s obsessed with Amy Schumer. She’s on the cover of both Glamour and GQ this month, in two completely different features: GQ photographed her in a tongue-in-cheek Star Wars shoot that nearly broke the internet, while Glamour asked her sister and writing partner, Kim Schumer, to interview the Trainwreck star. But Amy talked to both titles about sex, self-image and life as a female comedian, with an equal level of candor. Here’s five of our favorite quotes from each interview:

Amy Schumer in GQ


On whether it’s hard to be funny: “I think it’s different for everybody. It’s not hard for me to be funny. But it’s really hard. I don’t think a lot of people are funny. I meet a lot of people, and most of them aren’t funny.”

“It’s fun to keep being yourself when the room’s demanding otherwise. I’m putting my dirty laundry out there, and I don’t want to be around people who pretend they don’t have any.”

“I truly feel I’m getting a lot of attention right now and it’s just a ticking time bomb. Like, I wonder what the thing is going to be that will make people want to burn me at the stake.”

On Trainwreck: “I would say 30 percent of the movie is probably just straight from my life, and the rest is some sort of exaggeration.”

“I think people only want women to speak for so long. They build you up, and then they’re just ready to tear you down.”

Next Issue subscribers can read the full interview here.


Amy Schumer in Glamour


“I don’t try to be feminist. I just am. It’s innately inside me. I have no interest in trying to be the perfect feminist, but I do believe feminists are in good hands with me.”

On being approached by fans: “It’s overwhelming for somebody to come up and want to just be friends right away. People think comics are always funny and on. And we’re not. We’re pretty quiet.”

“I want to make women laugh. I want to make them feel beautiful in their own skin. I want to empower them to use their voice and not apologize. And I want a jet.”

On dealing with sexist comments: “You’ve got to be vocal. You just let people know. Their ego’s a little bruised. Then they adapt.”

On having everyone’s eyes on her: “Oh my God. I’ll cross my legs.”

Read the full interview here. Not yet a subscriber? Start your 30-day FREE trial now.

Three NEW Titles | Inside Life on Skid Row | Reddit’s Reboot | Best Bargain Buys | Your Summer Fiction List

This week, we welcome three new titles to the Next Issue catalog. Check out the best burger and beer pairings in DRAFT Magazine, training hacks from Oxygen, and a fresh spin on healthy meals from Clean Eating below. 

After that, we’ve got plenty of stories to inspire a great summer weekend. Go on a bargain hunt with tips from ShopSmart and Consumer Reports, or find your next fun fiction read in Esquire, The New Yorker, and beyond.

Happy Reading! 

Next Issue Picks

Burgers & Beer: Good as Gold

DRAFT Magazine

Here’s how to toast the dynamic duo all summer long. From ketchup-slathered patties hot off the backyard grill, to piled-high stackers at the country’s coolest restaurants.

The Invisible Man


Charly was just another anonymous man on Skid Row. But when he was shot by the LAPD, he became another dismal statistic: the 175th officer-related death this year. Here, his life re-created.

Rock Your Life: Dream Big

Girls' Life

Rydel Lynch of the popular band R5 always knew she wanted to be a performer. In this Girls’ Life collector’s issue, Rydel discusses how young women can reach their dreams.

Reddit Reboots


Ten years ago, two kids created the most interesting, unruly website on the Internet. Now the self-styled “front page of the Internet” is coming of age—and having an identity crisis.

Here's to Your Health

Hack Your Training


Time for some training quality control. Take a look at the areas listed here, make a few tweaks to your programming, and you’ll be back on track in no time.

Get Inspiralized

Clean Eating

Are you running out of ideas for a quick, healthy dinner? Use a spiralizer to climb out of your mealtime rut and put a fresh spin on vegetables the whole family will love.

Jungle Gym


Are the outdoors the key to fun workouts? If you hate the gym, try this new trail-powered program, which supercharges hiking into a full-body sweat fest.

Not Your Average Tour de France Fan's Guide


Pro-level bikes that don’t cost more than your car. Genius riding hacks from the pack. Plus, a 21-day, stage-by-stage training plan to get fit.

Go Bargain Hunting

Organics Deals


Eat healthy for less. Here, new products you’ll love, how to shop for “green” drinks, and your guide to the cheapest organics discovered by secret shoppers.

How to Win at TV

Consumer Reports

As cable companies and streaming services fight it out, consumers have more choices—and confusion—than ever. Here, how to get the shows you want at the price you want.

Find Free Stuff Everywhere

All You

“The free things in life are best.” Ok, that’s not how the saying goes, but it’s true, isn’t it? This annual guide helps you get what you want without spending a dime.

Style Steals

Good Housekeeping

Your current beauty checklist should include a silver mani, mini bag, and tribal prints. Here, fabulous bags, shoes, and bling from only $4.

Your Summer Reading List

Great Escapes

O, The Oprah Magazine

What’s one of the fastest, most delicious ways to be transported? A stunner of a book. From artful novels to thrilling memoirs to gripping whodunits, here’s a summer’s worth of discoveries just waiting for you.

The Esquire Summer Fiction Festival


A new story from Colum McCann about crime and forgiveness. Plus, excerpts from Esquire’s greatest short fiction of all time. Flannery O’Connor? Yes. Philip Roth? Yes.

What Does Harper Lee Want?

Bloomberg Businessweek

The author’s second novel, written before To Kill a Mockingbird, is the most preordered book in her publisher’s history. It’s also a book she vowed never to publish.

Ghosts and Empties

The New Yorker

In this new story by Lauren Groff, a young mother walks the streets of her neighborhood at night, watching the lives of her neighbors as she escapes. Includes a reading by the author.

New Issues


House & Home

Marie Claire

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Sports Illustrated Celebrates The Women’s World Cup: See All 25 Covers

Sports Illustrated has marked the US Women’s World Cup win with a one-of-a-kind photo shoot. 25 different covers – one for each player, plus their head coach Jill Ellis and a group shot – celebrate the squad’s victory.

“The USWNT has plenty of recognizable, even famous names, but we couldn’t think of a group so thoroughly identified with a team as this one,” said Chris Stone, Sports Illustrated managing editor. “We could go two ways: a team shot, which seemed a little conventional here, or something different and fresh: honoring not just one or two players, but all 23 of them with their own cover.”


Next Issue subscribers can check out all 25 covers in their app now, and read up on the team’s track record. If you’re not yet a subscriber, start your free trial now to access the story.

NEW Title: Craft Drinking and Beer Culture with DRAFT Magazine

Our newest title, DRAFT Magazine, keeps life on tap. Craft drinkers can keep up with all things hop, whether it’s a pale ale or a Pilsner that gets them through the day. Expect tales of brewery hopping across the U.S. and rundowns of the best eats to go with your brew.draft-new-title

Next Issue subscribers can download the July/August issue of DRAFT Magazine now, as well as all back issues from 2015. If you’re not yet a subscriber, start your free trial now to catch up with the latest stories:

Let’s See Some I.D.
Is it perfectly fine or utterly unforgivable for parents to bring their tykes to the tavern? When balancing American convention with common sense, it helps to look at families abroad.

Does Sex(ism) Sell?
Racy beer names ignite a brewing controversy.

London Times
One of Europe’s historic brewing cities offers everything you’d want from a summer beer trip abroad – traditional taverns on one hand, boundary-pushing brews on the other. The best part: You only need the Tube to taste it all.

Brewery to Watch: Collective Arts
Mix equal parts beer, art and music – all with love from Canada.

Viva Burgers
From ketchup-slathered patties hot off the backyard grill to piled-high stackers at the country’s coolest restaurants, the humble burger will never fall out of style. Here’s how to toast the dynamic duo all summer long.