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Introducing Maxim

This week, we welcome a new player to the Next Issue catalog. Tap (+) within the app to add Maxim to your library, and start enjoying sports and style insights, the early word on new gadgets & toys, and of course the gorgeous starlets.

Next Issue guest curator, Chelsea Day

Get prepared for the first day of fall (next week!) with seasonal crafts from Chelsea Day of Someday I’ll Learn.

Chelsea says, “As a parent, my time to read is limited (and paper copies inevitably get shredded by one of my kids). Next Issue lets me catch a quick glimpse at what the rest of the world is up to while finding inspiration for tried-and-tested family fun.”

Also this week, check out some stick-to-your ribs fall foods, stories on Mother Nature at her finest, tips for healthy living, and a comprehensive look at the best shows on television.

Happy Reading and Happy Fall!

Next Issue Picks

Decadence and Delirium on the Gumball 3000

Maxim October 2014

Supercars. Celebrities. Suspended licenses. Once a year, a frenzied multinational convoy of jaw-dropping exotic cars speeds and parties through two continents and five countries in just seven days. Ride shotgun with this read.

Fall TV Preview: Critics' Picks

Entertainment Weekly September 19, 2014

A special double issue dedicated to fall TV and all the buzz on 125 shows. You'll get a Sunday through Saturday (plus streaming) breakdown of what's on and find out which six new shows the critics are in love with.

Everything We Think We Know About Mass Shooters Is Wrong

Esquire October 2014

Are we helpless to stop mass shootings? Is anyone even trying? The good news is that the answers are No and Yes. The bad news: The person loading up hasn't gotten the news.

The T&C Golden Compass

Town & Country TC Travel 2014

Want to dine in private on the Great Wall of China? Shop the secret stores of Florence? Swim with manta rays in the Maldives? Here, 27 extraordinary travel experiences and the people who can make them happen for you.

Taste of Autumn

Autumn Gathering

Chatelaine October 2014

Celebrate food, family and friends with a rustic feast as beautiful as it is delicious. Includes recipes for honey and herb turkey, four yummy sides, and apple crumble pie, along with eight pumpkin-centric centerpiece ideas.

New Ways to Roast

Food & Wine October 2014

Chefs have astounding tricks that maximize the flavor of almost any roastable ingredient. Here, ingenious tips and delicious, easy recipes. Rub it, butter it, wrap it, and more.

Soup & Sandwich

Food Network Magazine October 2014

Food Network stars give us their best soup and sandwich combos for fall. Who's craving grilled cheese and roasted tomato soup?

Three Simple Slow-Cooker Suppers

Southern Living October 2014

These comforting, slow-simmered dinners—tortilla soup, juicy brisket, and pulled pork—deliver big flavors with little effort.

Mother Nature's Majesty

The Complete Guide to Fire

Backpacker October 2014

Learn how to harness the strength of fire to cook, survive, and connect to a primal force as old as time itself. Includes 43 things you can do with a fire, how to tell a good campfire story, why you should never pee on a fire, and more.

The 2014 Heroes of Conservation

Field & Stream October 2014

To us, their hard work for fish and wildlife is selfless. They inspire us to do more than hunt, fish, and go home. To the six Heroes of Conservation finalists, it's a natural response to all the good outdoors does for them.

Take It Outside

Fitness October 2014

Stride or ride off-road for a hotter body and a cooler mind. Hike your booty off, run for the hills, or join the rough riders. Here's your so-easy guide. Just add sunshine.

The Body Electric

Outside Magazine October 2014

Of the 500+ Americans struck by lightning this year, roughly 90% will survive. Though they remain among the living, their minds and bodies are instantly, fundamentally altered in ways that still leave scientists scratching their heads.

Healthy Living

When to Say No to Your Doctor

Men's Journal October 2014

Every time you walk into a physician's office, you run the risk of overtreatment: Tests you don't need, ineffective (or dangerous) medications, procedures that cause more problems than they solve. When is it best to do nothing?

2014 Foodie Awards

Vegetarian Times October 2014

Too busy to plan every meal to perfection? Need more fast-yet-healthy choices? Here, the yummiest, most convenient vegetarian items for all sorts of eating—from breakfast to lunch to dinner. Complete with comprehensive shopping list.

The Anti-Breast Cancer Diet

Health October 2014

Can eating right really protect you against the C word? The latest research points to yes. It's also what you don't eat. Read on for the simple nutritional moves that can make a huge difference to your health.

The Art of Disconnecting

Working Mother October / November 2014

Technology creates a 24/7 connection to work, but moms at the Top 10 Best Companies say that making a conscious effort to disconnect is essential to becoming happier and healthier.

Reader Picks | Chelsea Day

Your Craft: Make a Burlap Wreath

all you October 2014

Adorn your door with this season's hottest fabric. Just cover a pre-formed wreath with burlap and have your kids pick out cute accent items to bring it all together.

In the Spirit

Family Circle October 2014

Use painter's tape and acrylic paint to create "wickedly wonderful" painted pumpkins. It's a fun way to decorate with little ones who can't wield a knife.

Mini Garden Bookends

Good Housekeeping October 2014

Plant succulents in clear plastic vases filled with smooth stones and use them as bookends to bring some plant life to your kids' rooms. They only have to be watered once a week!

Spooky Stoops

Parents October 2014

Create silly spiders by wrapping Styrofoam with yarn and adding knotty-looking leg pieces. Add googly eyes for an extra-goofy effect.

New Issues


October 2014

ESPN The Magazine

September 29, 2014

House Beautiful

October 2014

18 Fall Recipes, Crafts, and Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

A brisk breeze is beginning to blow, the leaves are slowly changing color, and all the covers of your favorite magazines are graced with pumpkins, pumpkins, and more pumpkins.

With the Autumnal Equinox just around the bend (August 23rd), we no longer have to hide our excitement for apple picking, comfort food, and plenty of fall colors in the home. If you’re an autumn-enthusiast too, check out our three collections below: Taste of Autumn, Harvest Season in the Home & Garden, and Pumpkin Perfection.

Visit our Very Best of Autumn Inspiration pinboard for full details on where to find each recipe, DIY craft, and pumpkin-decorating project in your Next Issue app.

Taste of Autumn selections in the Next Issue app.

Taste of Autumn, featuring selections from Country Gardens, Southern Living, Food & Wine, Country Living, Vegetarian Times, and Shape.

Harvest Season in the Home & Garden selections from the Next Issue app.

Harvest Season in the Home & Garden, featuring selections from HGTV Magazine, Better Homes and Gardens, Living the Country Life, Midwest Living, All You, and Country Living.

The Best of Pumpkins from the Next Issue app.

Pumpkin Perfection, featuring selections from Country Living, Every Day With Rachael Ray, Living the Country Life, Country Gardens, Woman’s Day, and Parents.

Not yet a Next Issue subscriber? Start your 30 day free trial. 

New in Next Issue: Maxim Magazine

Introducing Maxim

For over a decade, Maxim has been delivering content that guys can relate to. Useful and humorous articles. A fresh take on the sporting scene. The inside scoop on style and gadgets. And of course, gorgeous starlets.

In the October 2014 issue, you’ll find cover girl Angelina Lindvall talking motorcycles, men’s fashion, and sex, a roundup of the “baddest” athletes on the planet, and a behind-the-scenes look at Gumball 3000 (only the world’s craziest car rally ever).

What you'll find in Maxim magazine

Now you can add it all to your Next Issue library. Simply tap (+) in the app to start browsing Maxim today.

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#WeekendReads | Ray Rice & The NFL’s Brutal Wake Up Call | Hollywood Hotshots Guilty of Sex Abuse? | Pumpkins, Cider & Cozy Fall Finds | Insights From the Opposite Sex

It’s not long before fall comes knocking, so why not get a little jump start? Head to the pumpkin patch, host a fireside party, or get crafty with DIY projects in the spirit of the season.

Then, let the debate begin. What are the NFL’s obligations when faced with domestic abuse scandal? Should Western countries pay ransom to free hostages from terrorist captivity? If the biggest polluters don’t participate, will climate change efforts even matter? Now’s your chance to catch up and weigh in.

Continue with a quick sci-fi read, a rundown of today’s top innovators, or tips for pleasing your partner in bed. We’re off to a fun weekend.

Happy Reading!

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Next Issue Picks

An Altar Boy in the Church of Hollywood

New York Magazine September 8, 2014

He says he was sexually abused as a teen by some of the most powerful gay men in Hollywood. They say he's lying and looking for a payout. Was Michael Egan a newcomer who traded sex for an entrée into show business, or is he an example of the industry’s rampant sexual abuse?

Science Fiction for Everyone

Popular Mechanics October 2014

Here on Earth, there are consequences to testing ideas. Sure, scientists could gene-splice monkeys into rosebushes, but where would that lead? The best science fiction writers create safe spaces for us to think about dangerous ideas. Here, a list of 30 essential stories for your bookshelf.

Sisters Strong

Essence October 2014

Through trouble, tragedy, and triumph, Good Morning America's Robin Roberts and her siblings stuck together—and proved that sisterhood can save a life.

The Hot Ten 2014

Bon Appétit September 2014

Why do people love restaurants? Because eating out is more than just putting food in your mouth. In Bon Appétit's eclectic list of best new restaurants, you'll find a sprawling downtown market, a Thai food truck, and an adorable "pastry luncheonette."

Movers, Shakers & Groundbreakers

The Game Changers

Men's Fitness October 2014

They hail from the worlds of sports, finance, fashion, health, and media. They're fit, bold, and driven by success just as much as by failure. They're not superheroes. (Actually, some of them are.) Meet the hit makers, thinkers, entrepreneurs, and other brave men defining 2014.

Trailblazing Chef Awards

Cooking Light October 2014

This year, Cooking Light forged some Golden Cleavers to honor seven innovative chefs. Among the 2014 awards: making plants sexy and partying like it's 1491.

The 2014 AD Innovators

Architectural Digest October 2014

From established visionaries to emerging voices, these 12 intrepid talents are defying expectations, charting new courses, and reimagining the world around us.

New Establishment: The Disrupters

Vanity Fair October 2014

This 20th anniversary edition of Vanity Fair's New Establishment includes a Hall of Fame of key innovations along with this list of 50 disrupters, from Elon Musk to Kevin Hart.

Love, Sex & Relationships

The Good Sex Life

Dr. Oz The Good Life October / November 2014

Women all over the country (and one important guy) discuss their requirements for happiness in bed. Their quotes are enlightening, inspiring—and relieving. We hope it's good for you, too.

You're Still Obsessing Over Him

Cosmopolitan October 2014

Depressed, obsessed, unhinged—this is your brain on breakup. But science reveals you can get over your agony a lot faster than you think.

How to Be Polite to Women Without Pissing Them Off

GQ September 2014

Chivalry is alive and well—thing is, you're doing it wrong. Today women can open their own doors, sometimes to their own offices, where they sign your paychecks. So, should you hold the door? Here, the new rules.

Dream Sex

Women's Health October 2014

Sleeping next to your man while having subconscious nooky with someone else? Awkward. But racy carnal reveries help turn your waking lust life into, literally, the sex of your dreams.

Harvest Season at Home

Pumpkin Picking

Country Living October 2014

Create a showstopping gourd. Whether you're looking to go playful, pretty, or somewhere in between, you're bound to find a fresh-off-the-vine idea right here. (Knife skills optional!)

Autumn's Glow

Better Homes and Gardens October 2014

Cozy up to your favorite sweater, crunch through the carpet of leaves, and kindle a new tradition: soups, sips, and good times—fireside. Includes recipes and party ideas.

Plant a Pumpkin

Country Gardens Fall 2014

Why not turn an ordinary pumpkin into a living succulent display? Here, a garden designer shares her moss-and-glue method so you can create a long-lasting showpiece for fall.

53 Ways to Cozy Up Your Home

HGTV Magazine October 2014

Hibernation alert! Now that the weather's turned chilly, snuggle down with these fuzzy, toasty, comfy finds—including plenty of DIY for you and the whole family.

Current Controversy

Scorecard: The Brutal Truth

Sports Illustrated September 15, 2014

The video of Ray Rice punching his fiancée is more than a wake-up call to the problem of domestic violence. It's yet another reminder that the NFL faces its moral responsibilities only when it has to.

China, the Climate & the Fate of the Planet

Rolling Stone September 25, 2014

If the world's biggest polluter doesn't radically reduce the amount of coal it burns within the next decade, nothing anyone does to stabilize the climate will matter. Inside the struggle to find a new way forward.

A Reporter at Large: Dignity

The New Yorker September 15, 2014

Fast-food workers aren't just kids earning gas money. Many are trying to raise families, and often McJobs are the only jobs available. A look inside a new form of labor activism and the fight against starvation wages.

The Real Cost of Ransoms

Maclean's September 22, 2014

Scott Gilmore, who works in aid and humanitarian relief, knows eight people who have been kidnapped. Five survived, two died brutally, and one is presumed dead. And yet, he still believes paying for hostages' freedom has to stop.

New Issues


Fall 2014


September 22, 2014


October 2014

The Highest Paid Female CEO in America (Wasn’t Always Female)

New this week in your Next Issue app: “The Trans Everything CEO” in the September 8 issue of New York Magazine.

What’s Martine Rothblatt’s secret to becoming the only female among the top 10 highest-earning CEOs in the U.S.?

For the first half of her life, she…was he.

Martine Rothblatt in Next Issue, New York Magazine

Living as Martin back in 1983, Rothblatt didn’t have to break any gender barriers to establish himself as the founder of Sirius XM. Then came the 180-degree turn: telling his wife and four kids he was meant to be a woman.

The unbelievable story of Martine Rothblatt, her wife Bina, and the robot version of Bina (see Stephen Colbert’s special report above) doesn’t stop there.

Does Rothblatt’s story prove a point about the persisting gender gap, or has she broken even more boundaries than a typical female CEO by achieving success as a transgender? As Rothblatt would likely propose, should gender even factor into the discussion?

Read “The Trans Everything CEO” in New York Magazine and tell us what you think.

Look No Further for Fall Fashion Inspiration

Fall Fashion 2014: Next Issue looks to try

Did you ever make inspiration boards by cutting out images from your favorite magazines and putting them together in a collage?

Guess what? You can still bookmark your favorite looks without all the paper, the time, and even the cost. Just click the share button on any page in your Next Issue app for iPad and iPhone, and you’ll have the option to mail, save, or print a page, without carrying all that weight. Check out our infographic, “All the Fall Looks, None of the Weight” for an idea of how much you’re saving.

In the spirit of New York Fashion Week, we’ve compiled the top trends from 7 different fall fashion issues available in the app. See the full collection on Pinterest before diving in.

Not yet a subscriber? Start your 30 day FREE trial.

#WeekendReads | Explore India, Amsterdam, Ethiopia | Color Your World for Fall | Best Gadgets & Gear | Driving Gets Safer & 2015′s Hot Rides

This week, our wanderlust hit an all-time high. Just open up your Next Issue app to travel the globe, from Paris and Amsterdam to India and Ethiopia…no suitcase required.

Ready to keep exploring? Be a fly on the wall at Brad and Angelina’s Château Miraval ceremony. People has the exclusive family photos (that dress!) and a Q&A with the bride herself.

Or step inside the dugout with Billy Beane. His Moneyball tactics changed the game forever, but can they finally lead the A’s to a World Series win?

Happy Reading!

P.S. New York Fashion Week is in full swing, and boy are the fall fashion issues HUGE. Check out our infographic on just how much heavy lifting you’re skipping. If you love fashion, save it and share with a friend!

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Next Issue Picks

Got Grit?

Men's Health October 2014

Who's king of the beasts? The one with the best DNA? No. It's the one who sets goals and pursues them. Relentlessly. Grit is a real thing, and people who have more of it go farther. Wes Welker, for example. He's prepping for his 11th NFL season even though football hasn't always loved him back.

The Renegades Issue: Billy Beane

ESPN The Magazine September 15, 2014

Whether you see them as forces for good, evil, or somewhere in between, sports would be boring without the renegades that invent their own way of doing things. One example: Billy Beane. He's built a legend (and maybe, finally, a World Series winner) with a small-market, big-brain experiment.

Smarter Ways to Make Headaches Stop

Dr. Oz The Good Life October / November 2014

Don't reach for the painkiller bottle until you've read this, because a pill may not be the answer to the storm raging in your head. This guide uncovers expert solutions—some totally natural—that could clear things right up.

Brad & Angelina: They Do!

People September 15, 2014

The world's most glamorous couple (and six delighted kids) share exclusive wedding photos with People. Plus, the story behind Angelina's dress and a personal Q&A with the bride herself.

Explore The Globe

The Nylon Girl's Guide to Paris

Nylon September 2014

As fashion week takes over the City of Light, a group of cool locals give us a tour of the off-the-beaten-path spots where they love to shop, eat, party, and passer le temps.

A New Amsterdam

Condé Nast Traveler September 2014

Photographer Andrea Gentl (like virtually every artist from Rembrandt to Marina Abramović) had long been entranced by Amsterdam. On her most recent visit, she found a city as beautiful as the one the Dutch Masters knew—but abuzz with new locavore restaurants, concept shops, and inventive hotels.

India: the South

Saveur August / September 2014

From remote tribal villages to frenzied capital cities, food is life's organizing principle. In an issue dedicated to India, explore culinary microcosms across the subcontinent. In the south, you'll find meaty biryanis, watery fish curries, and peppery soups.

A World Apart

Travel + Leisure September 2014

On a trip through remote southern Ethiopia, Guy Trebay encounters the last remaining tribes of the Omo River Valley—and the strange, powerful beauty of the unknown.

Fall Into Color

Paint the Fall with Color

Southern Living September 2014

Glorious leaves, flowers, and berries make Peter and Jasmin Gentling's mountainside garden in Asheville, North Carolina picture-perfect. If you plan an autumn visit, bring a bottle of wine so you can linger longer.

Red Is the New Black

More September 2014

Sarah Paulson's star turn on FX's American Horror Story will leave you speechless. Here, in this season's defining color, she lets the clothes do all the talking.

Seduced by Blue

House Beautiful September 2014

Indigo is a color that knows no borders and has many different moods. Here, master stylists at Ralph Lauren Home create three mesmerizing rooms that illustrate the infinite versatility of this hue.

This Is Your Face on Color

Real Simple September 2014

Stop playing it so safe: Wearing bold makeup can add personality and style to your look. Not convinced? See how four equally skeptical Real Simple readers worked through their color issues with a few easy techniques.

Get Your Gadgets & Gear

38 Gems for Your Mac

Macworld October 2014

Macworld downloaded and tested more than 100 apps for this annual roundup of great Mac apps and software. Here, you'll find new ways to increase your productivity, unleash your creativity, and enjoy your audio.

Bargains of the Year

Popular Photography September 2014

The cost of photo equipment can add up quickly. Popular Photography scoured through all of this year's gear to find the best values. Now you can pay attention to your exposures instead of your bank account.

Technical Support

SKI September 2014

In an issue dedicated to the best gear of 2015, including 77 skis and 53 boots, this story is about the hottest new apparel and accessories. Check out the most innovative new jackets, pants, helmets, and goggles—in a setting that'll get you pining for the snow.

Best of the Best

Field & Stream September 2014

The 2014 Best of the Best winners represent an intriguing cross-section of technological ingenuity, whether in the form of a superb bolt-action rifle, a smoking-fast compound bow, or tight-patterning long-range turkey loads.

Just Drive

The State of Car Safety

Popular Mechanics October 2014

Fifty years from now, we'll look back at this moment as a pivotal time in the history of vehicle safety. In the past decade, engineers have invented whole new technologies that make driving safer than ever—and their ideas keep getting better.

The Next Vette

Car and Driver October 2014

Here are the predictions for Zora, a secret mid-engined supercar that legendary Corvette boss Zora Arkus-Duntov dreamed about. Includes best-guess renderings and sketches along with the scoop on the hardware and the 54-year history.

Hot Rides of 2015

Consumer Reports October 2014

It's big news when a top seller gets revamped. And for 2015, we'll see new versions of the Toyota Camry and the Ford F-150. A redesigned Ford Mustang will add a dash of spice and the trend towards ever-smaller SUVs continues.

Electric Weekend

Automobile October 2014

226 (electric) miles through Silicon Valley in a BMW i3. This story is part history lesson, part car review, and part travel guide. Includes Bay Area trip notes and a review of the etiquette of charging stations.

New Issues

Elle Décor

October 2014

Entertainment Weekly

September 12, 2014

Men's Fitness

October 2014

INFOGRAPHIC: All the Fall Looks, None of the Weight

All your favorite fashion magazines, none of the weight.

Ready to take your eyes off the New York Fashion Week live stream for a bit? What better complement to the runway than the most gorgeous fall trends in your favorite magazines?

As Next Issue readers, we knew the fall fashion issues were the largest of the year, but WOW were we surprised at just how gigantic they are in print. We decided to have a little fun visualizing the difference.

Check out our infographic to see five of the top fall fashion issues compared side by side. We measured everything from number of pages to number of times Cara Delevingne (fashion’s latest “it” girl) graces them. In love with fashion? Save this infographic and share it with your friends!

Then, be sure to enjoy these issues in your Next Issue app (without having to tote around 13+ lbs).

Infographic: Fall Fashion Comparison


Fashion Week Day 1: A$AP Rocky the Fashion Model


Okay fashion bloggers, trendsetters, and style enthusiasts. Let’s all take a collective deep breath of anticipation…New York Fashion Week has begun. And we’ll be watching the live stream all day.

While browsing the September fashion issues, we were stunned to see A$AP Rocky—looking dapper alongside model girlfriend, Chanel Iman—right there in the pages of Vogue. As it turns out, the Harlem-born rapper is full of surprises:

1. His given name is Rakim Mayers.

2. Rumor has it he and Chanel (a former Victoria’s Secret Angel) are secretly engaged, but no bling has been spotted just yet. If their on-camera chemistry is any signal, this couple was meant to last.

Chanel Iman and ASAP Rocky

3. Even growing up in Harlem, A$AP Rocky has always had an interest in fashion. In fact, he’s not new to the world of modeling. He’s appeared in campaigns for L’Uomo, Mr. Porter, L’Express Styles, and more.


Images from The Fashionisto, MTV Styles, and Models.com

4. He’s vegetarian, and he influenced his whole crew (the A$AP Mob) to go veggie too. Quote from a recent interview with Vibe Magazine: “You gotta do research on the way they treat f*cking chickens, man.”

Enjoy the dance-themed A$AP Rocky / Chanel Iman spread (and the playlist that inspired their seductive moves) in the September issue of Vogue. And don’t forget to vote in our New York Fashion Week contest on Facebook; winners to be announced this week!

Countdown to Fashion Week: Rihanna for W Magazine

Rihanna W Magazine in Next Issue

We’ve been browsing the September fashion issues in the Next Issue app all weekend, getting prepped for New York Fashion Week to begin this Thursday, September 4th.

The first feature that caught our eye? Rihanna. W Magazine. Must-see.

While the soulful songstress has always had a wild streak, her latest look takes fierce to new heights. As W Magazine’s September cover model, Rihanna can be seen rocking fur, feather, bone, and other tribal-inspired pieces from top designers such as Alexander McQueen and Michael Kors. And RiRi’s not done yet. She’s also the newest face of French fashion house, Balmain, modeling alongside legends Naomi Campbell and Iman in the very same issue.

Rihanna for Balmain

We’re sure to see more celebrities intermixing with the fashion world this week, but should we expect more “wild child” trends to hit the runway? Check out all of the September fashion issues in the Next Issue app and let us know what you think.

Fall Fashion Issues

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