#WeekendReads | Christopher Nolan on Interstellar & Physics | Holiday Party Glam Guide | Cyclist’s Journey from Burn Victim to Podium | The Hot List 2014

With Thanksgiving coming up, we’ve rounded up plenty of stories on the things we’re grateful for—family, food, and all the amazing technology, health innovations, music, and more from 2014.

Geek out as the astrophysicist behind Interstellar talks wormholes and quantum gravity, scientists seek to save chocolate, and researchers discover a new mystery behind sand dunes…when a young boy disappears inside one.

Finally, prepare to get glamorous. With clothing, hair, and makeup tips from celebrities and beauty experts, you’re sure to make an entrance at all the holiday parties this season.

Happy Reading!

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Next Issue Picks

How to Cheat

Sportsnet November 24, 2014

In elite sports, the tiniest edge is often the difference between winning and losing. Athletes will do whatever they can to game the system. Here's an amusing guide to gaining whatever advantage you can, from corking a bat to trying to beat a urine test.

Into the Woods

Bon Appétit December 2014

What happens when impossibly good-looking Scandinavians trek two miles into the Norwegian wilderness, pitch a teepee, and get down to cooking holiday dinner? The best beer-braised pork belly, for one thing. Part story, part travel guide, and part menu planner.


Bike December 2014

Jamie Nicoll turned pro two years after he was given a 10-percent chance of survival. Here, the compelling story of his journey from a hospital bed to the top podium step of one of the world's toughest enduro races.

Personal Branding for the Image Impaired

More December 2014 / January 2015

Have you been lax about burnishing your brand? Or even creating one? Truth is, you can't move ahead without a strong image and a consistent message. Here's how to develop yours, without hiring a PR team.

Holiday Party Prep

8 Party Tricks Every Woman Should Know

InStyle December 2014

Want to make an entrance? You're going to need more than a bottle of bubbly. From repurposing your statement necklace as a hair accessory to tingeing your eyelashes with 24 karat gold, these beauty moves come highly decorated.

Big Night

Allure December 2014

For this season's celebrations, Allure gives us a sneak peek into the fashionable world of the stars, complete with tips on what to wear, how to add some sparkle to your beauty routine, and how to perfect the "cool-girl" blowout.

Shopping List: Party Essentials

Lucky Ultimate Style Guide 2014

From feathered mini skirts to metallic accents, these elegant, playful items mean one thing: It's time to go out!

Let's Dance

Vogue December 2014

What does a girl with the world at her feet wear after dark? Kendall Jenner—model of the moment, social media sensation, and the new face of Estée Lauder—plunges into party season.

Blinded by Science

The Physics of Interstellar

WIRED December 2014

A conversation with Interstellar director Christopher Nolan and astrophysicist Kip Thorne, complete with exclusive video and inter-article "wormholes."

The Mystery of Mount Baldy

Smithsonian December 2014

When a boy suddenly disappeared into a sand dune, a scientist embarked on quest to find out where he went. Here, the boy's story and the research findings.

The Quantified Surfer

Surfer January 2015

Would using new technology to track and analyze your every wave make you set new standards for your surf sessions? See how being a GPS watch tester changed the way this writer surfed.

The End of Chocolate

Bloomberg Markets Holiday Pursuits 2014

Can science save the world's most-endangered treat? Due to disease, drought, and demand, the world's most delectable food is seriously under siege. Start stockpiling now.

2014: The Year in Lists

27th Annual Best of What's New: Health

Popular Science December 2014

Popular Science rounds up their favorites of the year across 12 categories. In Health, check out the feature on the bionics revolution, highlighting 2014's standout advances in restoring movement.

The Year in Hotness

GQ December 2014

With the advent of the #belfie, the "Anaconda" video, and the dorsal-friendly model Candice Swanepoel, historians may declare 2014 the year of the butt. There was a lot to cover in lady-news, so GQ broke it up by season.

2014 Gear of the Year

Men's Journal December 2014

Over the past year, Men's Journal experts tested and tortured thousands of new products. There was a lot of great stuff, but only the very best made it onto this list.

The Hot List 2014

Rolling Stone December 4, 2014

A roundup of all things hot in 2014. Includes the hot "it girl," hot political strategy, hot rapper and more. Example: Hot movie that probably won't completely suck: J.J. Abrams' Star Wars

Holidays with the Whole Family

Home for the Holidays

Today's Parent December 2014

From a dad who thought that December 24 was the perfect day to go Christmas shopping, to a mom who can't find any Jews to come to her toddler's Hanukkah party, five writers share their favorite stories of festive hijinks, happiness, and hope.

Gratitude Check

Real Simple December 2014

Five-year-olds demand smartphones. Teens expect new cars. And their parents are shocked by the sense of entitlement. Guess what? Your parents probably thought the same thing. Here's a little perspective, plus expert tips for instilling gratitude at a "gimme" time of year.

You're So Welcome

FamilyFun December 2014 / January 2015

A holiday open house is the perfect way to reconnect with friends and neighbors—and treat them to a happy feast of food and fun. Includes make-ahead, crowd-pleasing recipes and activities to keep the kids busy.

The Key to Family Harmony

Parents December 2014

Peace on Earth starts at home. Is everyone singing the same song—or does it sometimes feel like you're all out of tune? Here, how to get in sync with one another to create a happier, more connected household.

New Issues

Entertainment Weekly

November 28, 2014


December 1, 2014

Runner's World

December 2014

Chris Hemsworth as People’s Sexiest Man Alive: “It’s pretty funny”

Considering Chris Hemsworth’s sexy accent, his hammer-wielding skills as Thor in The Avengers, and those musclesPeople Magazine says it was “no contest” choosing the Aussie actor as this year’s Sexiest Man Alive.

As for Chris’s reaction? He’s as modest as ever, revealing that he and his wife “had a good laugh” when they heard the news, and that his brothers will likely give him a hard time. Watch the full video for a sneak peek at the Sexiest Man Alive photo shoot.

Oh, and here’s an added bonus. Not just anyone can make reading from a phone book sound this sexy:

See 26 bonus photos of Hemsworth, the sexiest man of the year runners up, and bonus digital content in People Magazine‘s December 1st issue, available in Next Issue this Friday.

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Prepare for blast off…these 3 intergalactic events will rock your universe

Based on the past couple weeks, it’s clear that humans will always obsess over the mysteries of our vast universe. Interstellar gained praise for scientific accuracy unlike any prior box-office hit, the Rosetta spacecraft released its Philae comet lander after 10 years and 300 million miles, and to top it all off, the Leonid meteor shower peaks TONIGHT.

Here, your coverage on the three biggest space-related events of the moment:

1) Interstellar director Christopher Nolan and the film’s visual effects team worked with astrophysicist Kip Thorne to ensure “nothing would violate established physical laws.”

Interstellar movie

Image: Paramount Pictures

Added bonus: Christopher Nolan guest-edited WIRED‘s December issue (available in Next Issue tomorrow). In the issue, he and Thorne discuss how they reached a perfect balance of science and on-screen magic—and ended up liking each other in the process.

Here’s a sneak preview from WIRED: 

2) The Rosetta spacecraft and Philae probe have their own Twitter accounts…and some pretty adorable conversations.

@ESA_Rosetta and @Philae2014 are more than just a spacecraft and a robot. They’re business partners and the best of friends, as seen through their tweets as they worked through the good times and the bad (the comet landing and Philae’s imminent battery drain).

Philae comet tweets

Philae comet tweets

3) Scientists predict 10 to 15 meteors per hour in tonight’s Leonid meteor show.

In 2002, the Leonid shower flared up into a full-on meteor storm—over 3,000 meteors per hour! Learn more from National Geographic, then watch the show live with WIRED

If you’re lucky, you could even see a meteor explosion like this one, the expanding ring appearing in the sky over South Dakota.

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#WeekendReads | Drinks (And Hangover Cures) Around the World | The Dark Side of USA Swimming | Kate & Will Prep for Baby #2 | Drool-Worthy Thanksgiving Eats

Guest Curator Ella KayPrepare to feast your eyes on the perfect Thanksgiving spread. These turkey techniques, dessert recipes, and leftover ideas will have you in the holiday spirit, whether you’re the cook or the certified “taste-tester.”

Ella Kay of The Court Jeweller is an expert on royalty. Here she’s curated her favorite stories on princes, princesses, duchesses, and dukes, from issues published throughout the year (gotta love those back issues). Fun Fact: Ella’s photo is actually one of her favorite historical monarchs, Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna of Russia.

Want to be the next guest curator? Shoot us an email.

Happy Reading!

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Next Issue Picks


Outside Magazine December 2014

In the shadows of American sports, there's a continuing legacy of sexual abuse. For women like Anna Strzempko, who says she was raped by her swim coach at age 13, the nightmare will never really end. But justice may finally be on the way.

Whipping Boy

The New Yorker November 17, 2014

A writer spends forty years tracking down a long-lost bully. Why? His reasons are as interesting as what he discovers about how his tormentor's life unfolded. Tap to scroll through photos from the author's boarding-school days.

School of Hard Knocks

ELLE December 2014

Brianne Bolin thought her master's degree would guarantee her at least a steady income, but she barely makes enough to feed herself and her son. Alissa Quart reports on a growing segment of Americans: the hypereducated poor.

T+L's Guide to Drinking Around the World

Travel + Leisure December 2014

Travel globally, sip locally: Whether in a bar or pub, enoteca or izakaya, sometimes all you need is a refreshing drink and a spirited crowd to get an inside view of a place's culture. Expert picks for where, how, and what to imbibe now.

The Path to Business Success

Know How

Inc. November 2014

Know how to prove your doubters wrong, build a killer team, work with your spouse, and more. Founders from Vosges Haut-Chocolat, The Knot, and more share tips on thinking bigger, working smarter, and rekindling your entrepreneurial mojo.

Shake It Up

Bloomberg Businessweek November 17, 2014

Taylor Swift is the music industry. Yes, Taylor, you’re the only musician who matters. Stop pretending to be surprised. Find out why Scott Borchetta, founder of her Nashville-based label, says Spotify is a detriment to his business.

The Brain-Damaged CEO

Canadian Business December 2014

Jonathan Goodman built Paladin Labs into Canada's smartest drug company. Then he nearly died. Now, he's building a (second) billion dollar company with some smart strategies to overcome memory lapses and other new issues.

Start Up. Drop Out. Welcome to the Garage.

Fortune November 17, 2014

Step one: A dozen supersmart Stanford students start their own idea factory. Step two: A pair of Palo Alto VCs give them a home. Step three: Someone's about to quit school.

Feeling Phototastic

Anniversary Special: 30 Years in Pictures

National Geographic Traveler November 2014

To celebrate its anniversary, National Geographic Traveler compiled 30 photos from the past three decades. Gaze at this gorgeous gallery and you'll feel like you're seeing the world’s most beautiful places, most interesting people, and most fascinating traditions firsthand.

7 Tech Trends That Will Change the Photo Industry Next Year

Shutterbug December 2014

From 3D printers to drones, new technology stands to change photography as we know it. Just how much will our imaging tools be transformed in 2015? Shutterbug peers into its crystal ball to present seven trends you should keep your eye on.

Night Visions

Popular Photography December 2014

Mysterious, beautiful, and often charming, the creatures of the night make fascinating subjects. Here's what it took to capture dozens of them in all their glory—using not much more than a DSLR, a hot-shoe flash, and a DIY cardboard studio.

Dream Catchers

Town & Country December 2014 / January 2015

The beauty of haute couture lies in hand embroidery, exquisite craftsmanship, and the ability to conjure a universe of its own. Photographer Erik Madigan Heck documents the beautiful couture looks on the winter runways.

Reader Picks | A Royal Occasion

Exclusive: Prince Felix and Princess Claire of Luxembourg

HELLO! Canada November 17, 2014

HELLO! Canada snags an exclusive interview with Prince Felix and Princess Claire, the son and daughter-in-law of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, chatting about their royal wedding, their vineyard in France, and their adorable new baby princess.

The New Royals: Artful Living

W Magazine October 2014

Two glamorous princesses—Maria-Olympia of Greece, daughter of the country's last king, and Kendra Spears, wife of Prince Rahim Aga Khan—pose in magnificent jewels and gorgeous couture gowns.

Kate's Comeback

People November 3, 2014

After a difficult first few weeks of pregnancy, the Duchess of Cambridge is back at work, and People has details on the holidays, possible baby names, and that rumored upcoming trip to New York.

The Princess and the Photographer

Vanity Fair Collector's Edition: The Royals

This summer, Vanity Fair published a collection of some of their best articles about the British royal family in a special edition. Anne de Courcy's piece on Princess Margaret's marriage to the Earl of Snowdon is one of the best.

Your Thanksgiving Feast Made Easy

Pick a Pumpkin Pie

Food Network Magazine November 2014

When it comes to dessert, do you dare mess with a classic? Try one of these unique and flavorful pumpkin pie recipes with a twist.

Holiday for the Heroes

Saveur November 2014

At Napa Valley's Bouchon Bistro, it's a Thanksgiving tradition to honor American veterans with an incomparable family meal.

Party Tricks with Holiday Leftovers

Cooking Light November 2014

From the turkey to the veggies to the pie, Thanksgiving has the building blocks for a "friends-giving" after party that will save you time and gain you raves.

The Ultimate Southern Thanksgiving Cookbook 2014

Southern Living November 2014

Whether you're hosting your first big feast or your 50th, Southern Living's got you covered with a gracious plenty—turkeys, sides, pies, and one grand table.

New Issues

Coastal Living

December 2014 / January 2015

ESPN The Magazine

November 24, 2014


December 2014

Popular Mechanics

December 2014 / January 2014

see all new magazines

We may never be royals, but Ella Kay gives us a glimpse

Guest Curator Ella KayReaders who follow The Court Jeweller, my blog about royalty and their glittering jewels, expect the most up-to-date information on their favorite monarchs from around the world, and Next Issue is great for keeping me up to date on glamorous galas, sparkling tiaras, grand weddings, royal tours, and worthwhile causes.

Some of my go-to titles include HELLO! Canada and People for the everyday lives of kings, queens, princes, and princesses, along with Vanity Fair and Harper’s Bazaar for more in-depth stories on the lives of royals past and present.

Add in the fact that Next Issue also offers access to special editions about royalty, and you’ve got a treasure trove on your hands. Here are my eight favorite articles about royalty currently available in the Next Issue app, both in recent issues and back issues.

Fun Fact: Recognize my photo? It’s Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna, a German princess who married into the Russian imperial family. She was killed during the Russian revolution, and today the Orthodox church venerates her as a saint.

More from Ella:

The Court Jeweller




Want to be the our next guest curator? Shoot us an email.

Getting to Know the Royals

Exclusive: Prince Felix and Princess Claire of Luxembourg

HELLO! Canada November 17, 2014

HELLO! Canada snags an exclusive interview with Prince Felix and Princess Claire, the son and daughter-in-law of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, chatting about their royal wedding, their vineyard in France, and their adorable new baby princess.

Kate's Comeback

People November 3, 2014

After a difficult first few weeks of pregnancy, the Duchess of Cambridge is back at work, and People has details on the holidays, possible baby names, and that rumored upcoming trip to New York.

Prince Harry: Honouring War Heroes

HELLO! Canada November 17, 2014

With nations around the world celebrating and remembering members of their armed forces this week, Prince Harry supported the Royal British Legion's poppy appeal, honoring fellow servicemen and women who have served their country in the military.

Kate & Will's Romantic Escape

Us Weekly November 17, 2014

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have a new baby on the way, and Us Weekly has all the details on their recent holiday on the royal family's estate in Scotland, where they enjoyed time with Prince George ahead of the big changes to come.

Royal Art & Culture

The New Royals: Artful Living

W Magazine October 2014

Two glamorous princesses—Maria-Olympia of Greece, daughter of the country's last king, and Kendra Spears, wife of Prince Rahim Aga Khan—pose in magnificent jewels and gorgeous couture gowns.

Charles and Camilla: Forging Friendships in Latin America

HELLO! Canada November 17, 2014

Diplomatic tours of foreign nations are some of the biggest roles in any royal's yearly schedule, and the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall recently visited Colombia and Mexico, bringing attention to the best of each nation's culture along the way.

The Princess and the Photographer

Vanity Fair Collector's Edition: The Royals

This summer, Vanity Fair published a collection of some of their best articles about the British royal family in a special edition. Anne de Courcy's piece on Princess Margaret's marriage to the Earl of Snowdon is one of the best.

Daring Duos: The Artist and the Princess

Harper's Bazaar November 2014

Princess Eugenie of York, granddaughter of the Queen and a curator with an online auction house, talks with British artist Tracey Emin about inspiration, life in America, and that controversial bed.

Thank our veterans and troops with 14 acts of kindness (and one sweet celebration)

With two brothers in the Navy, Kelly Phillips Erb has witnessed the number of life-changing moments an active duty soldier misses out on—”Birthdays. Graduation. First steps. First touchdown. Illnesses. Bad news. Good news. Spelling bees and science fairs. Prom.”

And for many veterans, the hardships don’t stop there. Erb’s piece for Forbes provides 14 ways to say “thank you” to our troops, from care packages, to donations, to volunteer opportunities.

Veteran's Day

(AP Photo/Seattlepi.com, Jordan Stead)

Why not add another fun (and delicious) military celebration to the mix? Baskin Robbins debuted “First Class Camouflage” ice cream for Veterans Day, and is donating 10 cents from each scoop sold to the United Service Organizations (USO).

Find out the flavors from Peoplethen head out and honor our military veterans and active duty troops, today and beyond!

People Magazine camo ice cream


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#WeekendReads | McConaughey’s Life-Defining Moments | What’s Next: Midterm Elections Impact | Inside Everest’s Darkest Tragedy | All-Day Energy, It’s Possible! | When Art & Architecture Unite

Guest Curator Bonnie MccarthyThis week brings lots to catch up on.

1) Midterm elections went down, and TIME has the data, the shockers, and the not-so-surprising facts.

2) The directors and stars of the hottest new films (McConaughey, Jolie, Rita Ora, and even Jon Stewart) give an inside scoop.

3) The worlds of art and architecture collided in this week’s magazines, and here we’ve collected the most stunning examples.

4) It’s November already, and Bonnie McCarthy of This American Home has all the best advice to kick off your holiday plans.

Happy Reading!

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Next Issue Picks

My Nude Photos Were Stolen, and I'm Fighting Back

Cosmopolitan December 2014

Actress Gabrielle Union was celebrating her wedding when she got the news that would change her life. Alongside Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and many others, her private, naked photos had been stolen and posted on the internet.

Sorrow on the Mountain

National Geographic November 2014

How the shocking avalanche that killed 16 expedition workers unfolded on Mount Everest—changing life on the mountain forever.

All-Day Energy: It's Possible

Dr. Oz The Good Life December 2014 / January 2015

Welcome to the most wonderful time of the year—and the most tiring, according to a poll of Dr. Oz The Good Life readers. But starting now, these tips will keep you fueled without sugar, constant coffee, or that 4 p.m. crash.

Midterm Elections: Mitch's Majority

TIME November 17, 2014

There was a lot of talk about a crisis in the Republican Party after it failed to dislodge Barack Obama in 2012. But on Nov. 4, an electorate that believes the country is on the wrong track rebuked the notion of Democratic inevitability. What kind of mandate does that create?

Reader Picks | Bonnie McCarthy's Guide to Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, Any Way You Wish

Country Living November 2014

Three feasts, three ways. In addition to menus and recipes, I loved the ideas for new holiday traditions (create a wine capsule!), elegant toasts, and mixing up cocktails. In a word: Inspiring. Don’t miss the darling pie-shaped to-go boxes on page six.

25 Unexpected Things to Be Grateful for Right Now

O, The Oprah Magazine November 2014

Ready to get your grateful on? Oprah’s got it covered. A couple of my personal faves: "It may be possible to lose weight while you sleep" and "Bushy eyebrows are in."

The Ultimate Guest Room

Real Simple November 2014

If guests are coming over the river and through the woods this Thanksgiving, this checklist may come in handy. Think motion sensor night-lights and Wi-Fi passwords on laminated note cards. In the same issue, don't miss DIY money saving solutions for fabulous floral centerpieces.

Etiquette: Giving & Thanking

Bon Appétit November 2014

Ben Schott’s turkey day game plan covers everything from timing to dress code, etiquette, seating plans, playlists, and kitchen-cabinet policies. Advice includes, "No scented candles!" and “Keep jokes short and stories shorter. Listen and laugh.” Tweet worthy.

Cover Stars

In Conversation with Jon Stewart

New York Magazine November 3, 2014

What do you do after 16 years turning The Daily Show into an American comic institution? If you're this comedian, you might spend a summer making a movie about torture.

Team Rita

Teen Vogue November 2014

Insta-famous, super authentic, and on the verge of her major U.S. music debut, British "it girl" Rita Ora has officially arrived.

Woman of the Year

Vanity Fair December 2014

Director, humanitarian, Oscar-winning actress, newlywed, mother of six, and now honorary Dame—how does Angelina Jolie do it? A chronicle covers her life from the set of next month's Unbroken to a refugee camp to couch-potato time.

10 Moments That Changed My Life by Matthew McConaughey

People November 17, 2014

The Interstellar star on lucky breaks, past mistakes, and what he's learned from marriage and fatherhood.

Art & Architecture Unite

Great Heights

Architectural Digest December 2014

In an issue focused on sharing the inspiring homes of top collectors, this story shows off an airy Chicago duplex that's been splendidly updated with a trove of creations by artists from Picasso to Koons.

Artful Finnish

W Magazine November 2014

On a remote island in Finland, mega-collectors Anita and Poju Zabludowicz have established a breathtaking creative oasis. Take a look inside this family retreat-turned-art colony and sculpture park.

Art as Life

Dwell November 2014

In the remote San Juan Islands, an artist and an architect collaborate on a minimalist hideaway dedicated to creative pursuits.

Peak Performance

Veranda November / December 2014

In the hands of a Texas decorator, a centuries-old chalet in the Swiss Alps becomes the ultimate holiday retreat for her family—and a showcase for her eclectic collection of global finds.

Get Active & Get Outdoors

Walk This Way

Sunset November 2014

An inn-to-inn trek along the California coast proves you don't need to rough it to enjoy a great autumn day hike. Plus, more hikes with rewards, from Scottsdale to Puget Sound.

Chasing the Chubasco

Surfer December 2014

After a wave-starved summer, Hurricane Marie sent a barrage of swell toward Southern California, creating some of the biggest and best waves the coast has ever seen.

My Whistler

SKI November 2014

How can a place so sprawling and immense also be so intensely spiritual? Call it the Whistler dichotomy. Or, like one writer, call it home and you'll understand.

Know How: California Dreaming

Bicycling December 2014

In the Southern California city of Santa Barbara, narrow roads twist into the coastal mountains and promise sea-to-sky climbs with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean.

New Issues

All You

December 2014


November 2014

Rolling Stone

November 20, 2014

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Writer of “This American Home” teaches us to host the ultimate Thanksgiving

Next Issue Guest Curator Bonnie MccarthyAs I write, there’s leftover Halloween candy in the pantry and holiday catalogs lining the mailbox—this can only mean one thing: it’s almost Thanksgiving. We need these kinds of clues in Southern California.

This year, I’m hosting family and friends for turkey day and I’ve been scouting Next Issue for inspiration. Our fondest memories are of the special moments and the winning AFV videos made during the holidays, but we can’t forget the fun that goes into planning.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading about how to design a gorgeous table, give a great toast, jazz up a menu and create a thoughtfully-appointed guest room—and then, make it your own. Whether hosting your first Thanksgiving or your fiftieth, I believe it’s personal style—not the weight of tradition or passing trends—that carry the day.

My younger sister (a former hotel exec) once reassured me as I panicked in preparation for a party, “It’s not the house guests will remember, it’s the way you made them feel.” Bottom line: if you have to choose between vacuuming behind the couch or picking the perfect playlist, go for the tunes and serve dinner by candlelight.

Bonnie McCarthy, style anthropologist and writer at This American Home.

Connect with me:



The Feast Itself

Singular Style: A Proper Harlem Thanksgiving

Food & Wine November 2014

Swedish Chef Marcus Samuelsson allows a peek into his art-filled Brownstone and his eclectic Thanksgiving traditions. He says, “I’m all about the sides.” (Recipes included!) Don’t miss the "30-Second Holiday Wine Guide" in the same issue to help you pick the perfect pairing. Cheers!

The Crowdsourced Thanksgiving

Sunset November 2014

Sounds infinitely cooler than a potluck, doesn’t it? Feast your eyes on Amy Machnak’s updated side dishes just begging for delegation. Afterwards, check out "Walk This Way" for west coast hikes and trails to work off that second/third slice of pie.

Thankgiving, Any Way You Wish!

Country Living November 2014

Three feasts, three ways. In addition to menus and recipes, I loved the ideas for creating new holiday traditions (create a wine capsule!), giving elegant toasts, and mixing up cocktails. In a word: Inspiring. Don’t miss the darling pie-shaped to-go boxes on page six.

An Almost Effortless Feast

Parents November 2014

Kid-friendly advice for a Thanksgiving everyone will enjoy. Simple cheats for chic family style. Hints include: utilize the slow cooker, and never turn down a clean-up crew!

The Holiday Spirit

25 Unexpected Things to Be Grateful for Right Now

O, The Oprah Magazine November 2014

Ready to get your grateful on? Oprah’s got it covered. A few of my personal faves: “It may be possible to lose weight while you sleep, and "Bushy eyebrows are in."

The Guide/Home: The Ultimate Guest Room

Real Simple November 2014

If guests are coming over the river and through the woods to stay at your house this Thanksgiving, this checklist may come in handy. Think motion sensor night-light and providing a Wi-Fi password on a laminated note card.

Etiquette: Giving & Thanking

Bon Appétit November 2014

In an issue devoted to the year's biggest food fest, it was tough to choose just one article. The winner was Ben Schott’s turkey day game plan, covering everything from the timing of cocktail hour to dress code, etiquette, seating plans, playlists, kitchen-cabinet policies and kick off times.

The Ultimate Toy Guide Holiday 2014

Today's Parent November 2014

Black Friday doorbusters and cyber sales are slowly taking a bite out of Thanksgiving Eve. For those skipping dessert and hitting the stores early, these editors have kid-tested some of 2014’s hottest toys. Let the games begin!

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