The 7 Things We’re Geeking Out Over at Comic-Con 2014

Comic-Con 2014

Where might you spot Darth Maul at the urinal, Mario and Luigi spinning tracks on the DJ booth, and Supergirl ordering a Starbucks latte (and consider it completely normal)? Comic-Con is an annual 4-day pop-up universe, where sci-fi fans, fantasy enthusiasts, and cosplayers finally feel 100% at home among 130K of their own.

Whether you’re heading to San Diego for the convention or not, open up Entertainment Weekly‘s July 25 issue, along with their special “Comic Con 2014″ issue in the Next Issue app to explore the movies, TV shows, comics, games, and big names set to make an appearance. But don’t stop there. We’ve found a few up-and-comers in the sci-fi / fantasy world that are about to blow your mind. Here, the top 7 things we’re most excited about at Comic-Con 2014.

1. Movie - Mad Max: Fury Road

It may sound like your every-day remake of an 80s classic, but Mad Max: Fury Road is anything but. Director George Miller explains, “There are few digital effects and even less dialogue.” Instead, the characters are revealed through a chase scene that starts in the opening credits, and doesn’t end for the full 110 minutes. Miller will be at Comic-Con to introduce teaser footage from his post-apocalyptic adventure, but it’s yet to be known if stars Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron will make an appearance.

2. TV Show – Burka Avenger

Just going by its name, you can tell Pakistan’s first-ever animated TV series is breaking down boundaries. Burka Avenger features what some may call the unlikeliest of superheroes, a kind-hearted female teacher who dresses in traditional Muslim garb and fights against extremism and injustice, using only the aid of ideas and pens. For the American audience, the entire 13-episode first season is available on YouTube. Even more surprising? The series was created by British-Pakistani pop star, Haroon. If you’re at Comic-Con, visit the exhibit and learn more. You may just see him there.

3. Comic – Avengers NOW!

Marvel Comics tend to be a dominant force at Comic-Con, but this year things are changing up a bit. With the Avengers NOW! initiative, the Big Three (Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor) are undergoing full makeovers. A newly-suited Iron Man, an African American Captain America, and a female Thor will all take center stage on comic book stands this October.

4. Gaming Star – Joseph Garrett (aka Stampylonghead)

23-year-old Joseph Garrett recently quit his day job to pursue a career in…Minecraft? If you’re not familiar, Minecraft allows players to adventure with friends in a building-block world of their own creation. Garrett (aka Stampylonghead or Stampy Cat) is a Minecraft player turned children’s entertainment mogul. His whimsical YouTube videos have gained a following of 3.1 million, attention from Jack Black, and propositions from Disney and Warner Bros. Comic-Con attendees can meet Garrett and his gang of Minecraft pals for the first time this year. Here, his most popular video.

5. The Costumes

What would Comic-Con be without the weird, whimsical, wonderful costumes? This year, we can expect our fair share of Walking Dead zombies, Game of Thrones characters, and maybe even some of the new and improved Avengers (see #3).

Some of our favorites from years past include extraordinary heroes doing ordinary things, and the cutest of the cute…kids’ costumes.

6. The “Con Exclusives” 

No Comic-Con experience is complete without collecting some epic souvenirs. Geek Magazine brings us the best con-exclusives of 2014 (complete with booth numbers for those attending).

7. The San Diego Experience

If you’re already in San Diego, why not go for the full experience? Venture outside the Comic-Con world to check out WIRED‘s 8 things to see, do and eat. Something gives us the feeling that for this weekend only, showing up in full costume is totally accepted.  

#WeekendReads | Comedy Central Sans Colbert | Harness the Power of Lucid Dreaming | Your Guide to Comic-Con 2014

Laura AckermannWhat will Comedy Central do without Colbert? Can anyone learn to lucid dream? Who’s putting a new face on the anti-sexism movement? Get all the answers in this week’s picks!

Magazines-gone-digital are a must-have on the road and on the couch. What about at work? Laura Ackermann says, “At Persona PR, Next Issue is a company-wide favorite! It helps me stay on top of what journalists are writing about, a must when it comes to pitching my clients effectively.” Enjoy Laura’s picks on working hard, vacationing hard, and life in the Hollywood limelight.

ICYMI: Check out our three trips for traveling with Next Issue.

Get in touch if you want to be a guest curator.

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Next Issue Picks

Hear Him Roar

ELLE August 2014

A football star turned women's studies student, Jackson Katz has devoted his life to convincing men that they're the ones responsible for stopping sexual violence. He's been called everything from "man-gina" to "Katz-strated," but the world might be catching up to him.

Infant Possibilities

Popular Science August 2014

Babies' genomes hold clues that can save their lives, but that same information could be used in far less noble ways. Where should we draw the line?

Dream On

Details August 2014

In lucid dreaming, every night offers up the ultimate choose-your-own-adventure confined only by the limits of your imagination—and it's entirely under your control. Now, a growing number of practitioners are using their dreams to get ahead.

Comic-Con 2014

Entertainment Weekly July 25, 2014

From July 24 to 27, thousands of superheroes and zombies, tributes and otaku, will swarm San Diego for the annual Comic-Con fan fest. Whether or not you're attending, here's a sneak peek at the most geektastic games, stars, shows, comics, and movies that will be vying for your attention.

Reader Picks | Laura Ackermann

Don't Sabotage Your Own Vacation

Redbook August 2014

When you work in PR, the business never really slows, and I could sometimes use a reminder about shutting down the laptop during my time off. With 5 tips for "letting yourself off the hook," I felt like this article was written just for me.

Filter: Band of Sisters

Marie Claire July 2014

I was a Women's Studies major in college, so of course I always keep my eye out for stories of women doing amazing things. The July issue of Marie Claire was full of them. This one is about a model striving for peace in South Sudan.

Tinseltown Angel

Town & Country August 2014

I represent a lot of breakout talent, and I found Dakota Fanning's feature to ring so true to the industry. Growing up in Hollywood can send many child stars off the deep end, but Dakota is a shining example of the poise it takes to stay strong.

Collective Wisdom

Entrepreneur July 2014

I've always been inspired by people who can turn an idea into a successful business. From the founder of Skullcandy to the CEO of Foursquare, each of these 16 business owners' words of advice left me feeling more empowered than the last.

The Labor of Love

How to Find a Guy in 10 Days

Flare August 2014

In a true "Tinderella" story, reluctant dater Chandler Levack explores the rapidly expanding, digitally daunting world of modern dating.

Heat Up Your Sex Life

Parents August 2014

Remember sex? That really fun thing you used to do whenever you wanted before kids came along? Well, here's how to start getting more of the good stuff again.

Miss Me? How a Little Distance Keeps You Close

Dr. Oz The Good Life August / September 2014

These couples have turned the traditional idea of togetherness upside down, and their marriages are stronger than ever.

Divorce Envy

Harper's Bazaar August 2014

Lately a new breed of jealousy has come to town. Divorce envy: The uncomfortable feeling that someone else's marriage is ending in a more graceful way than your own. The trend of the charmed separation.

At The Top of Their Game

Happy 16th Birthday, Here's $3 Million

New York Magazine July 14, 2014

When these Dominican teenagers were photographed, they seemed miles from stardom, at dirt-infield batting practice in hand-me-down uniforms. Now they're among the top prospects for the Yankees, Red Sox, Rockies, Royals, and Rays. And each, suddenly, very rich.

Escape Artist

Field & Stream August 2014

The greatest living landscape painter in the country grew up hunting quail and ducks and rabbits. He's spent countless hours waist-deep in trout streams. Perhaps that's why Russell Chatham is the master of painting the places sportsmen love to be.

Back to the Future

Sports Illustrated July 21, 2014

Even after jilting his hometown four years ago, LeBron James hinted at a return. But this early? With this untested team? The king knows he might not don another NBA crown soon, but this much is certain: Cleveland once again has reason to believe.

Blind Ambition

Men's Journal August 2014

Erik Weihenmayer has climbed Mount Everest, raced across the Moroccan desert, and is about to kayak the Grand Canyon's deadliest rapids—all without being able to see.

Business As Usual

Language: Not Just a Smiley Face

TIME July 28, 2014

The emoji boom is changing the way we communicate, and some of the world's largest tech companies see big potential in these little icons. Tap the illustrations in this story to see how humans have used pictorial language throughout history.

Funny Business

Fast Company July / August 2014

Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and a rising cadre of talent have turned Comedy Central into a network that can't be ignored. Michele Ganeless is their ringmaster.

Up in Smoke

Bloomberg Markets July / August 2014

Publicly listed marijuana companies are luring investors eager to profit from the frenzy over legal pot. For better or worse, one man who has won big is penny-stock veteran David Weiner.

13 Most American Companies

Fortune July 21, 2014

With a cover story about big-time companies moving "headquarters" overseas to dodge taxes, this flipside story highlights a baker's dozen of consumer brands that are proudly made in the U.S.A.

New Issues

All You

August 2014

Popular Photography

August 2014

Hey, What’s That Smell?

The Skinny on Skunks

Skunks…if you’ve ever had to live in close quarters with them, you know their bad reputation is well deserved (at least in regards to the stench). As of late, more and more Americans encounter these furry menaces right in their own backyards. In the August 2014 issue of Outside Magazine, molecular biologist Christopher Kemp risks it all to figure out what’s with the skunk frenzy, and what we should do about it.

Kemp watched this nasty slow-motion skunk spray video to start off his research. We only recommend it if you have a strong stomach.

After polling our office, we found that many of our own had experienced similar run ins with the bushy-tailed moochers. Tap (+) in the app to read the full story in Outside Magazine, and enjoy some of our tales below.

Next Issue Skunk Stories

Next Issue Skunk Stories

Next Issue Skunk Stories

Any stinky tales of your own? Be sure to share them with us in the comments.

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Katie Holmes Opens Up About The New York Dream, Rejuvenating Her Career, and Single Motherhood

Katie Holmes Glamour

First we got to know her as the lovable girl-next-door on Dawson’s Creek. Then she was thrust into the harsh scrutiny of the public eye as wife to Tom Cruise and mother to a mini celebrity. Post 2012 divorce, Katie has adapted once again. And this time she’s opening up more than ever.

Read Holmes’ full interview in the August 2014 issue of Glamour , available in Next Issue now.

But in the meantime, check out what’s been keeping Katie Holmes busy:

1. Her ultimate “do” in life: laughter

2. Starring alongside Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges in the film adaptation of The Giver 

Okay, that word association game just made it official…Katie Holmes will always be America’s sweetheart.

Just tap (+) in the app to download Glamour and get a glimpse for yourself.

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Three Tips for Traveling With Your Favorite Magazines

Traveling with Next Issue

As a fairly frequent traveler, I remember the days when I’d pick up the latest issue of Cosmopolitan or Vogue before every trip.  While I loved flipping through my favorite mags on the plane, I can’t say I was fond of the time spent waiting in line, the ridiculous airport prices, and the extra space I’d have to scrounge for in my already jam-packed travel bag.

For the sake of sheer convenience, I’d always limit myself to one or two in-flight reads (even on the longest of journeys).

With Next Issue, those days are long since past. I just got back from two weeks in Washington D.C., and these three Next Issue travel tips made my trip all the more exciting (and a hundred times easier). 

1.    Plan your trip with Next Issue

When you explore Next Issue’s lineup of travel magazines, your bucket-list might just grow a couple pages longer. Plus, you’ll never miss an awe-worthy attraction or hidden gem again. (Check out our full lineup of Travel & Regional magazines).

Travel with Next Issue

2.    Download your favorite magazines pre-travel

a) Store up downloaded magazines for access on the plane, on the beach, or anywhere else without a Wi-Fi connection

For iPads: To download several magazines at once, simply tap the cloud icon in the bottom right corner of a cover. A subtle orange bar will appear below the cover to indicate the download progress.

For Android tablets: To queue up magazines for downloading, simply long-press on a cover and it will begin saving to your device. A subtle orange bar will appear below the cover to indicate the download progress.

b) Set up automatic downloads

The first time you open a magazine, you will be asked if you’d like to automatically download every new issue. You can choose up to 12 titles to automatically download, which will take place once a day when you have secure Wi-Fi access.

Next Issue on the plane

3.    Prepare for the elements

With these tools, wind, sand, nor sun will be able to stop you from reading.

a)    Investing in a protective case is never a bad idea, especially if you’re about to travel. Check out 10 of the toughest iPad cases and 10 of the top cases for your Android tablet or other 7″ tablets.

b)   An anti-glare screen protector can help with reading in direct sunlight. This option fits on both the iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab, while this one is also compatible with all 7 to 8-inch tablets.

c) Looking for a cheaper option? A good old-fashioned Ziploc bag will do the trick to keep your device safe from sand and surf. Take a look at other tips for getting your gadgets beach-ready.

Next Issue at the beach

Any fun travels on the horizon? Share with us in the comments!

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#WeekendReads | 22 Athletes Bare Their Bodies | Stephen King’s Disturbing New Short Story | Jacinda’s All-Things-Beautiful Picks

Jacinda Pretty Prudent

Ah yeah, the time has come again. ESPN The Magazine’s 6th annual tribute to the athletic form leaves little to the imagination and a lot to envy, all done in a series of beautiful and tasteful photographs. Don’t miss it, along with 3 other always-anticipated annual features.

Read Stephen King’s new short story and you won’t be able to shake that unsettled feeling for the rest of the day. Too scared? Of course not! But just in case, “Lance Armstrong, The Afterlife” is another must-read in Esquire.

This week’s guest curator brings all things beautiful and simple to life in her blog, Pretty Prudent. Her artful picks cover road trips, indoor to outdoor living, and (appropriately) prudent advice.

Want to be featured as a guest curator? Drop us a line.

Happy Reading!

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Next Issue Picks

That Bus Is Another World

Esquire August 2014

What does it take to distract a man from being late for the interview of his life? This short story from Stephen King will leave you more than a little unsettled.

After the Wave

Surfer August 2014

In March of 2011, Japan was shaken by the fourth largest earthquake in history. The resulting tsunami ravaged the country and caused a nuclear disaster along the northeast coast. Three years later, Kimball Taylor heads to Japan to see how local surfers have braved the fallout.


Vanity Fair August 2014

That mysterious "traffic study" on the George Washington Bridge has snarled Governor Chris Christie's path to the White House. And the more the scandal reveals, the less sense it makes.

My Daughter Has Down Syndrome, and I Wouldn't Change a Thing

Today's Parent August 2014

When her newborn was given a terrifying diagnosis, Tara McCallan initially grieved all of the hopes and dreams she had for her daughter. Now, more than a year later, she can't imagine life any other way. Watch the tear-jerking, inspiring video too.

Guys, It's Not All About Work

Play to Win

Outside Magazine August 2014

Serious careers? Check. Committed to their families? Check. Able to beat the pros at their own game? You know it. Five hard-charging desk jocks who manage to do it all share the secrets of their success.

Wisconsin Food Fraternity

Food & Wine August 2014

A small band of restaurant insiders, all proud of their Wisconsin ties, are making America a better place to eat and drink. They celebrate "sconnie" style at a party with fantastic cocktails, beer, and bratwurst.


Golf Digest August 2014

Would you like to find someone who loves the game (and you)? There's an app for that. Ashley Mayo shares stories about virtual connections that led to clinking beers in real life.

That's What She Said

Men's Fitness July / August 2014

We polled Shape magazine readers to find out what makes a man. On the outside, anyway. Update your records on what the opposite sex finds attractive these days.

Women In The Spotlight

Siren's Call

Town & Country August 2014

It used to be interior design. Then it was handbags. Now the most popular realm for bright young things is the formerly male-dominated DJ booth.

The Secret World of Rodeo Queens

Cosmopolitan August 2014

Picture a blur of rhinestones, leather, sequins, and hair spray, and you're only partly there. Your horsemanship must be impeccable and your rodeo knowledge vast. And boyfriends are strongly discouraged. Welcome to a slice of Americana many of us never see.

Runs to Glory

Runner's World August 2014

Thirty years ago this month, a band of extraordinarily gifted American athletes resurrected the Olympic Games and—thanks to a tiny young woman from Cape Elizabeth, Maine—changed distance running forever.

Remembering Maya Angelou

Essence August 2014

Though we have lost a mother and a friend, Maya Angelou's spirit and influence will endure for generations. Here, 11 luminaries salute our treasured heroine and recall dear memories of how Maya touched their lives.

Don't-Miss Annual Features

The Bodies We Want

ESPN The Magazine July 21, 2014

Yep, it's that time again. And just wait until you see ESPN's sixth annual tribute to the extraordinary power of the athletic form. 22 star athletes in their most, well, natural states.

Photo Annual 2014

Bike August 2014

A 40-page celebration of mountain biking's most inspired moments. This is a gorgeous way to get motivated to ride.

World's Best Awards 2014

Travel + Leisure August 2014

For 19 years and counting, T+L readers rate everything from hotels and airlines to cruises and destinations. The result? A definitive guide to the places and companies that are shaping travel now.

35 Under 35

Inc. July / August 2014

This annual feature puts the spotlight on company founders who subsequently become household names. Mark Zuckerberg, anyone? This year, the focus is on the Millennials who are transforming wildly original visions into the businesses of the next decade.

Reader Picks | Jacinda Cannon Boneau

The High Life

Sunset July 2014

A hot and humid July has me dreaming of the most magnificent mountains of the west. The gorgeous photography throughout this Sunset article will inspire plenty of plotting and pining for The Cascades and beyond.

Texas Triumph

Architectural Digest August 2014

It was interesting to get an inside look at Laura and George W. Bush’s Crawford, Texas ranch. The architecture of the home is surprisingly modest, allowing the beautiful wildflower-filled surroundings to be the focal point.

Camping Reimagined

Domino Summer 2014

I’m totally on board with the concept of glamour + camping = glamping. Domino comes through with adorable style for those of us who like to rough it with panache.

Made in America

Country Living July / August 2014

The perfect spot to find thoughtful gifts for the people you love. I’m also a sucker for anything that is listed by state. I can’t help but look to see the Rhode Island and Texas picks. Inevitably, Tennessee’s pick is always the coolest.

New Issues


August 2014


July 21, 2014


July 18, 2014

Jacinda Cannon Boneau Shares Her Pretty, Prudent Picks

Jacinda Pretty Prudent

As I laid back and opened up Next Issue last night, the only thing left to utter was a sigh of relief.

Jaime (my fellow Pretty Prudent co-founder) and I just wrapped up a book manuscript that’s been years in the making, and it’s simply luxurious to do the things I haven’t had time to do in oh so long.

I’ve fallen in love with Next Issue, because as a busy business owner and mother, I have to squeeze my relaxation time in where I can get it. Now I can catch up on all of my favorite magazines right on my phone whether I’m in line at the airport, at my kids’ swim lessons, or in the doctor’s office waiting room.

With Pretty Prudent, my goal is to provide inspiration and instruction, granting everyone a taste of the simple and beautiful in the home, in recipes they make, or in experiences with friends and family. My Next Issue picks cover trips that got me dreaming about life on the open road, stories on blended indoor / outdoor spaces, and of course some prudent tips on everything from camping to giving the best gifts.

I hope you enjoy these reads!

For more on and all things Pretty Prudent, connect with me on:




Dreaming of the Open Road

The High Life

Sunset July 2014

A hot and humid July has me dreaming of the most magnificent mountains of the west. The gorgeous photography throughout this Sunset article will inspire plenty of plotting and pining for The Cascades and beyond.

Point of View: Martha's Vineyard

Travel + Leisure July 2014

If you have ever dreamed of playing WASP for a Summer getaway, Devin Friedman’s article will not only give you all the info you need to make this happen on Martha’s Vineyard, it will have your sides splitting with laughter.

Great Southern Road Trip

Southern Living July 2014

Filled with great insider stops, honest reviews, and winning photography, this fourth installment of Southern Living’s The Great Southern Roadtrip, takes readers through the backroads of Mississippi.

Queen of the Hill

Condé Nast Traveler July 2014

Since I’m currently enjoying some family time where I grew up in Rhode Island, I was thrilled to see Condé Nast Travler editor Pilar Guzman’s story on the complete restoration of Watch Hill’s historical Ocean House.

Indoor / Outdoor Living

Texas Triumph

Architectural Digest August 2014

It was interesting to get an inside look at Laura and George W Bush’s Crawford Texas Ranch. The architecture of the home is surprisingly modest, allowing the beautiful wildflower-filled surroundings to be the focal point.

South of the Border

Domino Summer 2014

Brittney Borjeson’s Sayulita Mexico home has me dreaming of purging everything I own and creating my own modern Mexico oasis, filled with blended indoor/outdoor space.

A New Spin On Tradition

Better Homes and Gardens July 2014

Apartment Therapy Founder Maxwell Ryan throws one heck of a Summer barn party at his Long Island family home and we are all invited…to look at the awesome pictures

Modern Is Organic

House Beautiful June 2014

I don’t usually think of Seattle when it comes to outdoor living, but this rustic modern home, which intertwines beautifully with the coastal Washington landscape, will leave you breathless and inspired.

Prudent Tips

Disorganized Couple Seeks Professional Help

Real Simple July 2014

If you or your significant other is a packrat, and you fear that it might be putting strain on your relationship, definitely read about one couple’s experience with a professional home organizer. It’s better than therapy, or maybe that’s exactly what it is.

Camping Reimagined

Domino Summer 2014

I’m totally on board with the concept of glamour + camping = glamping. Domino comes through with adorable style for those of us who like to rough it with panache.

Made In America

Country Living July / August 2014

The perfect spot to find thoughtful gifts for the people you love. I’m also a sucker for anything that is listed by state. I can’t help but look to see the Rhode Island and Texas picks, and inevitably, Tennessee’s pick is always the coolest.

Create: Fun Things to Make & Do Together

Family Fun June / July 2014

I have three words for you... Freeze. Pop. Saber. Catch some adorable, crafty, and quick DIYs to do with the kids this summer.

Athletes Bare It All in ESPN The Magazine’s Annual Body Issue

There’s no lying, we’ve all wondered what our favorite star athletes look like underneath it all. And once a year, all of our most pressing questions are answered in ESPN The Magazine’s “The Body Issue.”

This year, the pages present 22 athletes at the pinnacle of success, from seven-time grand slam winner Venus Williams to 18-time Olympic gold medal swimmer Michael Phelps.

But even more stunning than the athletes who stripped down to nothing? The little insights we learned about them along the way.

1. Amy Purdy inspired us with her strength in the face of trauma. 

Amy Purdy, ESPN Body Issue

2. Prince Fielder received mixed reactions from the public. 

Prince Fielder, ESPN Body Issue

Prince Fielder reaction

Prince Fielder Twitter

3. Venus Williams revealed a personal struggle she deals with every day. 

Venus Williams, ESPN The Body Issue

 4. Travis and Lyn-z Pastrana got down and dirty in the mud during some behind-the-scenes outtakes. 

Pastrana ESPN Body Issue

After you take some time to marvel at the magnificent examples of athletic prowess in the Next Issue app, visit for even more extended photo galleries, full-length interviews, exclusive videos, and behind the scenes shots.

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#WeekendReads | We’ve Got National Geographic | Pussy Riot in America | “Happy” Isn’t Just a Pharrell Song | Your Guide to the Tour de France

Next Issue welcomes National Geographic

4th of July weekend is made up of food, family, fun, and fireworks. And our newest magazines are quite a spectacle themselves. You’ll feel like a firsthand explorer of life on our planet (and beyond) with four National Geographic titles. Just tap (+) in the app to add them to your library.

Already anticipating the end-of-World-Cup blues? Us too. This week’s reads will give you the inside dish on the Tour de France (beginning today!) and a roundup of ways to fan the flames of your inner happiness.

Happy Reading!

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Next Issue Picks

Enemies of the State

Vogue July 2014

"Over the last two years, I think they've seen we're not the sort of people who give up." Masha and Nadya of Pussy Riot have been vilified in Russia for their fearless brand of activism, but they are not about to back down.

Where Are They Now?

Sports Illustrated July 7, 2014

Catch up with 12 familiar faces, from Baby Jordan and Hammerin' Hank to an epically inept NFL team in Sports Illustrated's 15th annual "Where Are They Now?" feature story.

The V Word

Allure July 2014

It's referenced in the Bible and countless works of Shakespeare. It's been the victim of misinformation, the subject of monologues, and the inspiration for Georgia O'Keeffe masterpieces. Welcome to the first-ever Allure guide to the vagina. There, we said it.

Once Upon a Time in America

Condé Nast Traveler July 2014

Danish photographer Anders Overgaard and his world-traveling family had seen New York and California. But it wasn't until a weeks-long journey of discovery across the West—through canyons and rapids, on horseback and by helicopter—that they truly experienced the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Introducing National Geographic

The Hunt for Life Beyond Earth

National Geographic July 2014

Is anybody out there? This age-old question may be answered in our lifetimes. Astrobiologists are working on sending probes to Jupiter and Europa, places many believe hold all the ingredients needed for life.

Treasure: 3 Stories of Lost Riches Found

National Geographic Kids June / July 2014

For centuries, treasures worth billions of dollars have been lost or hidden around the world. As you swipe through these pages, you'll see three stories of famous treasures lost and found.

Steeped in Darjeeling

National Geographic Traveler June / July 2014

There is only one place in the world that produces what's known as "the champagne of teas." Andrew McCarthy heads to Darjeeling, in the northern hills of India, in search of the most perfect cup in the world.

Fluffy Sloth Bears

National Geographic Little Kids July / August 2014

National Geographic Little Kids is filled with irresistible photos, learning experiences, and games for kids ages 3 to 6. In this story, little ones will learn all about sloth bear families while boosting their reading skills.

Because You're Happy

The Little Meaningful Things Happily Married Couples Do

Ladies' Home Journal July / August 2014

The small stuff really does count. And to prove it, husbands and wives tell us here about the simple (and romantic!) gestures that make their relationships tick.

Home Practice Sequence: Breathe for Joy

Yoga Journal July / August 2014

Stretching sideways can activate core muscles, expand breathing, and bring feelings of spaciousness to many aspects of your life. Cultivate lightness, levity, and energy flow with this healing 16-pose sequence.

Secrets to the Best Life—Unlocked

O, The Oprah Magazine July 2014

Upgrading your life doesn't require an epic, wallet-busting overhaul. The key is taking what you've got and improving it one tiny change at a time. Ready? Your world's about to get a lot more fabulous.

Go On, Have an Adventure

Health July / August 2014

Resist routine and discover new ways to get a happier everyday life. Inspiration has arrived in the form of these nine mini-thrill ideas.

Feet, Gears & Wheels

Fastest In The West

Backpacker July / August 2014

Heather "Anish" Anderson set a new speed record on the 2,660-mile Pacific Crest Trail. But did she win the most important race, the one against herself?


Road & Track August 2014

Thirty years ago, Miami Vice aired its first episode, white powder ruled South Florida, and car guys won the war on drugs. Okay, nobody won the war on drugs, but if you loved cars the pop-culture collateral damage paid off.

The Tour de France Is Crazy!

Bicycling August 2014

The drama! The characters! The geekery! Bicycling's annual celebration of the world's greatest race, plus the ultimate fan's guide to this year's contenders.

My Inner Ken Block

Automobile August 2014

Ford Racing School's new ST Octane Academy teaches rallycross in the style of famous stunt racer Ken Block. We go there, grasping the flyaway handbrake and the importance of a fresh type of motorsports.

New Issues


August / September 2014

Entertainment Weekly

July 11, 2014


August 2014

Explore the World with Four New National Geographic Titles

Introducing National Geographic

Get ready for outstanding on-the-ground reporting, breathtaking photography, insider travel advice, and even fun activities to share with the kids.

Four new National Geographic titles have been added to our library, bringing our official count to 142 of the world’s best magazines.

What can you expect within the pages of National Geographic? Think larger-than-life imagery, interactive stories, games for kids, and boatloads of bonus videos, graphs and other exclusive content for digital readers.

If it’s an interactive experience you seek, dive right into one of the most fascinating features we’ve ever laid eyes on: “The Hunt for Life Beyond Earth” in the July issue of National Geographic. Here’s a sneak peak of what’s in store.

1. Hear from astrobiologists themselves with bonus videos

2. Get up close and personal with nature

National Geographic

3. Expand your knowledge with dynamic visual representations

National Geographic

4. Take your own journey through the far reaches of our galaxy

National Geographic

Ready to embark on a planetary adventure? Just tap (+) within the app to add National Geographic to your library.

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Supports iPad®, iPhone®, iPod touch and iPad Mini, iOS 5.01 and up.
Supports tablets running Android 3.1 and up. Check Google Play for app availability for your specific device.
Supports Windows 8 and Windows RT devices.